Honey Bunches Of NOPE: Man Pulls Cringeworthy Hoverboard Stunts On A Skyscraper

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My thought of fun is a relaxing night of personification video games or binging on my favorite Netflix series. This guy’s couldn’t be some-more opposite (or terrifying).

Oleg Sherstyachenko, also famous as Oleg Cricket, is a 25-year-old Russian disturb seeker who frequently performs stunts dangerous adequate to kill him with one wrong move, though that’s what creates it so beguiling for him. In one of his some-more new videos, he annals himself roving a hoverboard and pulling off tricks during a corner of a skyscraper in Hong Kong — and examination it is adequate to make anyone fearful of heights.

Watch as Oleg risks hurtling to his genocide over and over while pulling off violent tricks below. This is one thing I’m happy to contend I’d never wish to try!

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