Honey Singh’s Dheere Dheere with Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor redefines ‘ridiculous’

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There are some things that should never occur in this world. No one should have a clump of his/her hair painted orange. Honey Singh shouldn’t sing. Unfortunately, though, both happened in a video patrician ‘Dheere Dheere’, starring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor.

Dheere Dheere revolves around a man, who lives in what looks like a birthright hotel. He is frequently seen walking adult and down stairs, opposite halls and around roads, mostly escorted by people in suits. We think a lackeys have been employed to usually prevent the plume of orange hair sitting on a core of his head, like jelly commanding on a cupcake, from toppling.

It also has a woman. A woman, whose solitary business is to grin and demeanour startled. She also wears fanciful clothes. Absolutely beautiful clothes. Such overwhelming clothes. In short, she is Sonam Kapoor.

A still from a video. A still from a video.

A still from a video.

So abounding masculine meets lady whose mercantile standing is different to us. However, she is aam during heart, and somewhat impractical. Standing under glaring sunshine, she creates a face during a pronounced abounding man’s oppulance automobile and gestures that her bicycle is better. Rich masculine goes all ‘awww’ like we go during ‘cat argues with pigeon’ videos.

He afterwards invites her to arrange a celebration during his residence and keeps staring during her like she is that particularly deceit fly that escapes each hit of your journal roll. Then, he puts adult cinema of her adult everywhere in a house. Since we have already determined with a bicycle occurrence that a lady has no good courtesy for sanity, she is anxious during using into a stranger’s residence filled with cinema of her.

And then… they tumble in adore etc.

Holding this good testimony to a excitement of complicated intrigue together is celebration baba Honey Singh. But oh, he says zero about chicken, ethanol or girls in tiny garments and Gurgaon. We are not really certain what he is observant in a Punjabi rap, though he sings pieces from a Aashiqui classical Dheere Dheere.

There are dual feelings that march by we then: one of impassioned assault towards Singh, and one of maternal protectiveness towards a strange Dheere Dheere. Since we are a law abiding tellurian being who won’t act on a former, we can hunt a 90s classical out on YouTube and listen to it on loop compartment a usually memory of we have of Dheere Dheere ft pind da puttar, is a whirl of orange on a masculine head. That one’s going to take time to forget.

If we are dauntless enough, watch a video here.