Horrific Fireworks And Balloon Situation Proves That Murphy’s Law Is Alive And Well

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Also famous as a Festival of Lights, a Tazaungdaing Festival is a yearly tradition in Myanmar used to applaud a finish of a stormy season.

While a philharmonic of paper lanterns and vast balloons can be beautiful, this sold festival went haywire genuine quick. Whoever suspicion that environment off homemade fireworks in such tighten closeness of a paper balloons was clearly a genius, since what could presumably go wrong when there’s paper and glow involved?

As a elaborate fireworks uncover begins, one rocket goes a small off march and sends one of a hulk balloons flying, smoking as floats away. Hundreds of spectators can be seen using for their lives in a bomb aftermath.

I theory we can contend a festival crashed and burned.


That’s one approach to go out with a bang! Share this epic destroy with all your friends to remind them that any foolish thing they’ve finished currently only doesn’t compare.