How Did a Media Miss This Muslim Story? [Video]

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In one of a largest orderly marches in a story of a world, reportedly 20 million Muslims impetus opposite ISIS while a media kept silent?. In Nov 2016, millions of Shia Muslims risked their lives and trafficked by war-stricken areas to allegedly mount opposite ISIS. Somehow, this large eventuality was roughly wholly abandoned by mainstream media. Perhaps, a nation was too focused on a “proposed” anathema to postponement and acknowledge this dangerous feat. Otherwise, how could a media skip this certain Muslim story?

Unfortunately, mainstream media has a story of “missing” news that does not find to order a country. In Jul 2016, a Muslim favourite named Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi saved hundreds of lives by hugging a self-murder bomber to equivocate mass death, though a news missed a possibility to applaud his efforts and remained silent. The conflict during a Sayyed Mohammad Shrine in a city of Balad was staid to be a mass murder scene, but, interjection to a unselfish hero, a genocide fee was distant less. How did a media skip such a bold act?

Reportedly, a Arbaeen Mar has taken on a twin purpose. Originally combined as an annual eventuality imprinting a finish of a 40-day anguish duration following a eremite protocol named Ashura, and now also encompasses a Shia insurgency and purported criticism opposite ISIS terrorists.  Men, women, children, and a aged done their approach to a city of Karbala notwithstanding new ISIS attacks. They marched on, meaningful that an ISIS self-murder bomber had only struck circuitously Karbala a prior week.

Not all Muslims are killers; contrariwise,  many rebuff and fear ISIS as many as a subsequent person. Those who decider an whole sacrament formed on a actions of a few emanate a account that puts billions of trusting lives in jeopardy. A proffer during a 2015 Arbaeen Mar said:

Unfortunately media outlets have left for stories that to some border can be divisive. If a organisation of Muslims does something good, it is not mentioned or a sacrament is not mentioned. But, if someone does something disastrous it lands on a front page and their sacrament is mentioned.

History paints a design where many religions have during one time or another perpetuated assault in a world. Today, ISIS has successfully tranquil a notice of many Americans and done them see things in black and white when it comes to a Islamic community. Any investiture that drives hatred toward an whole sacrament is a rivalry of assent and unity. Is that how a media missed this Muslim story?

A array of threats opposite Muslims have left many Muslim-Americans aroused and open to a victimization of hatred crimes. America’s heading male and his group have instigated many of this fear and has caused them to ostracized and even attacked. A mosque in California perceived an unknown minute that stated:

There’s a new policeman in city — President Donald Trump. He’s going to clean America and make it gleam again. And, he’s going to start with we Muslims.

Has mainstream media missed certain stories surrounding a Islamic sacrament since of a extreme concentration to anathema them all? This is not a approach to equivalent ISIS; instead, it continues to fuel this orderly mafia. The approach to lean a goal of ISIS is to denote that leisure and toleration are distant some-more absolute than hatred and prejudice ever will be. Did a mainstream media really skip a event to news on a millions of Muslims who risked their lives marching opposite ISIS?

Truth is, millions of Muslims did attend in a mass event to Arbaeen, an annual eremite holiday, notwithstanding a participation of ISIS in circuitously areas. However, it was not designed to challenge ISIS.  It was finished in annoy of a risk that ISIS acted opposite a area and not a approach rebuttal opposite ISIS as some choice media sites have reported. Contrariwise, Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi’s is true, and unfortunately, mainstream media was scarcely silent.

The irony of this essay is it contains many truths that endorse society’s mania with hating what and who they do not understand.  It is time to stop being so judgemental and instead turn extraordinary and open to new information and lifestyles.  All Muslims are not bad.  All black people are not dangerous.  All white people are not racists. It is time to find ways of instituting peace, instead of fight while formulating opportunities to denote togetherness in diversity.

Satire by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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