How fast can children learn routes?

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New examine from the University suggests that children as immature as 8 can learn a track after usually a singular knowledge of it.

Wayfinding is a ability to learn and remember a track by an environment. Theories of wayfinding advise that for adult and children to learn a track successfully, they contingency have steady knowledge of it.

Researchers from the University’s School of Psychology, led by Dr Jamie Lingwood, conducted an examination to examine either children could learn a track after usually a singular knowledge of a route.

Virtual mazes

A sum of 80 participants from a United Kingdom in 4 groups of 20 8-year-olds, 10-year-olds, 12-year-olds, and adults were shown a track by a 12-turn obstruction in a practical environment. At any junction, there was a singular intent that could be used as a landmark.

Participants were “walked” along a track only once (without any written prompts) and afterwards were asked to retrace a track from a start but any help.

Nearly 3 buliding of a 12-year-olds, half of a 10-year-olds, and a third of a 8-year-olds retraced a track but any errors a initial time they trafficked it on their own.

The examine has been published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.


Dr Lingwood, said: “The commentary of a investigate advise that many immature children can learn routes, even with as many as 12 turns, really fast and but a need for steady experience.

“Our examine has implications for prior theories of wayfinding that stress a need for endless experience.”

Source: University of Liverpool

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