How To Achieve A Perfectly Classic Ponytail

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Winter is scandalous for a hair challenges. Many of us onslaught with dry, tough to conduct hair that can make a morning beauty slight a plea (thank integrity a finally over). While we adore a red-carpet hair looks, infrequently there’s only not adequate time and we need a elementary resolution to your hair woes. That’s where a ideally classical ponytail comes in. Youthful and comparatively elementary to achieve, a classical ponytail can be a good go-to style.


1). Wash, condition and dry hair. Separate a hair into dual sections by entertainment a front territory together and securing it with a shave (half adult half-down style) on tip of your head.

2). Tie a reduce half of your hair into a ponytail. Leave a front territory of hair cumulative with a clip. Use a hair effervescent to secure a bottom half of your hair into mid-height ponytail.

3). Remove a shave securing a tip half of hair, brush a hair well-spoken regulating a turn brush and tie into a ponytail (directly above your reduce ponytail).

4). Gather both ponytails together and tie into one ponytail. Make certain ponytails are tighten together.

6). Wrap a territory of hair around a bottom of your ponytail. Take a half in. to in. of hair from a ponytail and hang it around a bottom of a ponytail to censor a elastic. Colorful hair ties, badge or even a headband (see below) can also work well.

7). Use constable pins to reason realistic strands in place. Smooth divided flyaways and secure your ponytail with finishing spray.


Check out some of a favourite ponytail styles next from Instagram.


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