HSBC consult shows 88% percent of relatives wish to send kids abroad for post grad

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Parents are increasingly peaceful to spend some-more for kids’ preparation abroad as 88 percent of them wish to send their children abroad for post-graduate studies, pronounced an HSBC survey.

According to a tellurian financial services company, India has a world’s top suit of relatives (88 percent) who are peaceful to send their children abroad for aloft studies, forward of Turkey (83 percent), Malaysia and China (82 percent each).

In comparison, Australia finds itself during a bottom, where 52 per cent relatives are peaceful to send children abroad for post-graduate studies. For Canada and a United States, a figure reads 53 percent and 59 percent, respectively.

The news singled out aloft costs as one of a pivotal barriers for Indian relatives when it comes to promulgation children abroad for education. But they are still peaceful to go that additional mile.



Nearly 93 per cent Indian parents, who are open to a thought of an general university education, would cruise profitable some-more for it than they would do here in India.

“Parents should start formulation and saving smartly for their children’s preparation in sequence to safeguard that a ambitions they have for them are fulfilled,” HSBC India Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management S Ramakrishnan said.

As per a survey, information record is a many elite zone for Indians. The suit of relatives peaceful to get their children into a IT zone is top in India (18 per cent), followed by 11 per cent any in a UAE and Indonesia.
from a UAE (33 per cent) and Indonesia (31 per cent) are some-more expected to get their children into medicine while 14 per cent of Indian relatives wish their children to make a career possibly in medicine or engineering, HSBC said. The ‘Value of Education Learning for life’ consult has a representation distance of 5,550 relatives from opposite 16 countries and territories with a smallest of 300 relatives representing any country.