Human MSCs urge cardiac perfusion in an ovine immunocompetent animal model

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Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) reason substantial guarantee in a diagnosis of ischemic heart disease. Most preclinical studies of MSCs for strident myocardial infarction (AMI) have been achieved possibly in syngeneic animal models or with human cells in xenogeneic immunodeficient animals. A preferable pre-clinical model, however, would engage tellurian MSCs in an immunocompetent animal.


AMI was generated in adult sheep by inducing ischemia reperfusion of a second erratic branch. Sheep (n = 10) were randomized to accept an intravenous injection of tellurian MSCs (1 × 106 cells/kg) or phosphate buffered saline. Cardiac duty and remodeling were evaluated with echocardiography. Perfusion scintigraphy was used to brand postulated myocardial ischemia. Interaction between tellurian MSCs and ovine lymphocytes was assessed by a churned lymphocyte response (MLR).


Sheep receiving tellurian MSCs showed poignant alleviation in myocardial perfusion during 1 month compared with baseline measurements. There was no change in ventricular measure in possibly organisation after 1 month of AMI. No inauspicious events or symptoms were celebrated in a sheep receiving tellurian MSCs. The MLR was negative.


The immunocompetent ovine AMI indication demonstrates a clinical reserve and efficiency of tellurian MSCs. The human cells do not seem to be immunogenic, offer suggesting that immunocompetent sheep might offer as a suitable pre-clinical vast animal indication for contrast tellurian MSCs.

Source: PubMed