I am ‘pure and pious’, says Radhe Maa as she dismisses allegations of obscenity

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Facing allegations trimming from trash to nuisance of devotees, contentious godwoman ‘Radhe Maa’ shielded herself on Sunday observant that there were no police cases opposite her and that she was ‘pure’

Radhe Maa. AgenciesRadhe Maa. Agencies

Radhe Maa. Agencies

“There are no allegations opposite me. we don’t agree, conjunction does my god. we am right in a eyes of god. The universe does not gangling anyone. Those who have adore for me and are my loyal ‘bhakts’, they like me and we am right for them,” she said, vocalization to Times Now.

She also discharged allegations of trash leveled opposite her.

“I have not finished anything obscene. we am a mother. Is it trash if a mom loves her children. we am pristine and pious,” she said.

‘Radhe Maa’ finds herself underneath a cloud of debate given her argumentative photos and video strike a internet.

Rahul Mahajan had tweeted out photos, that showed ‘Radhe Maa’ in petty wardrobe and a video of her dancing to a Bollywood series has been used by critics to doubt her actions.

Falguni Brahmbhatt, a lawyer, had filed a military censure opposite Radhe Maa for using a business in a name of sacrament and dubious trusting people, a Zee News news said. She has also been requisitioned underneath a Dowry Prohibition Act.

The FIR opposite Radhe Maa underneath a law prohibiting direct for dowry, has been filed by a 32-year aged lady who has purported that her in-laws are her followers, and that godwoman instigated them to harass her if a direct was not met.

Watch Radhe Maa’s come-back to Times Now below: