I don’t mind holding risks: Akshay Kumar speaks to Rajeev Masand about ‘Airlift’

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Akshay Kumar, who is set to offer another heated film Airlift, after Special 26 and Baby, feels that there are hundreds of such stories, that can be grown into a smashing film. He cautions that they competence not compare a blurb success like Rowdy Rathore, though he is certain that such films should be done some-more often.


Rajeev Masand with Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur. Firstpost Image.

“There are many stories like this. If we are given a choice between Rowdy Rathore and Baby, that one would we adore to watch? Ofcourse, Baby. But if we see a blurb business of Rowdy Rathore and Baby, there is a outrageous difference. You can’t make this kind of film commercially. With Airlift, we don’t mind holding a risk. we wish and we urge that one day will come when creation these kinds of films will benefit momentum,”Kumar told Rajeev Masand, in an talk taken during a Pawan Hans Aerodrom in Juhu, Mumbai.

Kumar admits that films like Airlift final a critical involvement, distinct films like a Housefull franchise, or his new recover Singh is Bling. “You have to work unequivocally tough for these kinds of films. In Housefull, we was enjoying. It was like a paid holiday. Whatever jokes burst between ourselves after became partial of a film. But for these (Airlift, Baby) kind of films we have to hang to a script, we have to be in a impression until end,”said Akshay.

He was sharpened for Housefull 3 concurrently with Airlift. When asked if he found it formidable to fire  two starkly opposite characters during a same time, he said, “Yo only need 5 to 10 mins to get into a character. At a finish of a day, we are acting.”

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