‘I Have No Idea What You’re Talking About’ Funny Sock Thief Dog Is Caught In The Act

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As most as we adore them, a pets could mount to learn a thing or dual about personal space.

When it comes to a personal belongings, if they see it and wish it, afterwards they have it. If you’ve ever had a pup, we know a distrurbance that comes with saying one of your things in a slobber-covered store on a floor.

As if it wasn’t already formidable adequate to find relating hosiery that haven’t been eaten by puzzling sock monsters, one family has to understanding with this guy. After being held in a act hoarding a span of hosiery fin his mouth, this guilty-looking puppy tries his best to play stupid. Unfortunately, nobody’s shopping it.

Even after putting on his best puppy dog face, this pooch wasn’t removing off a offshoot for his sock-related crimes.


Somebody give this dog a bone!