I was unequivocally sad when my locate was taken, says Murali Vijay

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Murali Vijay has had a roller-coaster general career though it seems as if things are finally descending into place for him. Against Zimbabwe in a second ODI during Harare, Vijay finished his initial ODI fifty and played a essential purpose in assisting India bind a series.

Over a final year and a half, Vijay has been one of a many softened players in Test cricket though missed out on being comparison for a World Cup, many to his disappointment.

Murali Vijay in movement opposite Zimbabwe in a 2nd ODI. AFPMurali Vijay in movement opposite Zimbabwe in a 2nd ODI. AFP

Murali Vijay in movement opposite Zimbabwe in a 2nd ODI. AFP

With India resting many of their regulars for a debate of Zimbabwe, Vijay finally got his possibility and he vowed to make many of a opportunity. It didn’t go as he hoped in a initial ODI, where he corner to second trip off Brian Vitori for one. However, he responded in a second ODI with a bloody disposed 72 from 95 balls.

“In a initial 10 overs we strike a integrate of good shots though a round went true to a fielder. That’s when we got a clarity that things are substantially not going my way,” Vijay told BCCI.tv. “So, we motionless that rather than pulling for it and doing something different, we should only wait for it. Both Ajinkya and we were rotating a strike good and there was no need to do anything fancy. we felt that a wicket was easing adult a bit after a initial 10 overs and we suspicion if we could stay in compartment a 25th over, we can recompense for a primarily low strike-rate.”

There were even glimpses of a aged Vijay who batted fluently in a IPL as he strike a integrate of stately sixes once he got to his fifty.

“I always suffer attack sixes. After my wrist damage when we could not reason a bat with my healthy grip,” Vijay said. “I had to make a few tweaks so that we don’t irritate a injury. Because of that we felt like we had mislaid my range. It was unequivocally frustrating and irritating. But we went by that grub and now after a rehabs and with time we am again feeling good about my wrist and removing that operation for vast shots back.”

Having staid into a good rhythm, Vijay threw divided his wicket with a untimely loft and was held in a deep. The beating on Vijay’s face was command vast as he trudged off a field. He told BCCI.tv after that he was certain of removing a range from that smoothness “but when a locate was taken we was unequivocally heartbroken”.

Still, Vijay had finished adequate to acquire a Man-of-the-Match award. But if he wants to be a some-more permanent partial of a Indian ODI set-up, he will need to do more.