IAS officers’ physique seeks to accommodate Modi, says honest officers should not be harrassed

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New Delhi: Hang a hurtful though honest polite servants should not be tormented by examine agencies in use or after retirement, an organisation representing over 4,900 IAS officers pronounced on Sunday and motionless to accommodate Prime Minister Narendra Modi to plead providing insurance to well-meaning officers with integrity.

“An honest polite menial should not be tormented by anybody or group or establishment while in use or after retirement. It would make a polite servants operative in a complement shaken and edgy, that would not be in a seductiveness of a country,” pronounced Sanjay Bhoosreddy, Honorary Secretary of executive IAS officers association.

Former Coal Secretary HC Gupta. News 18Former Coal Secretary HC Gupta. News 18

Former Coal Secretary HC Gupta has been named in a spark embankment fraud though IAS officers’ physique pronounced that he is widely seen as an honest officer. News 18

A discouraged and demotivated polite use will be rarely unpropitious to a country, he said.

If a republic desires good governance, afterwards it is needed to safeguard that honest officers are entirely stable and not unnecessarily harassed, Bhoosreddy said.

“There is a need to strengthen honest polite servants from any kind of nuisance for holding preference in good faith and in open interest. It is impending to emphasize that an blunder in settlement should not be treated as rapist bungle as it would rarely demoralize a polite servants.

“Error in settlement has to be looked during differently. We titillate all a authorities that if a polite menial is found hurtful afterwards greatfully understanding with it cruelly and hang him to a nearest flare post or jail him for life,” he told PTI.

Bhoosreddy, a Joint Secretary arrange officer in a Government of India, pronounced a organisation has motionless to accommodate a Prime Minister to plead a incomparable emanate of governance, of achieving aloft developmental goals, and insurance to honest and good definition polite servants.

Replying to a doubt on former Coal Secretary HC Gupta, an indicted in a spark retard allocations scam, he pronounced “As distant as HC Gupta is concerned, he is famous in a whole polite use as an upright, sincere, honest officer and enjoys a really good reputation.”

There are 4,926 officers of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) operative opposite a country.