Identified Genetic Interaction Offers Possible New Target for Glaucoma Therapy

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Scientists during a University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have elucidated a genetic communication that competence infer pivotal to a expansion and course of glaucoma, a blinding neurodegenerative illness that affects tens of millions of people worldwide and is a heading means of irrevocable blindness.

Optic haughtiness control of studious with glaucoma. Image credit: UC San Diego

Optic haughtiness control of studious with glaucoma. Image credit: UC San Diego

The findings, published in a Sep 10 online emanate of Molecular Cell, advise a new healing aim for treating a eye disease.

Primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is a many common form of glaucoma, inspiring some-more than 3 million Americans, essentially after a age of 50. Pressure inside a eye (known as intraocular pressure) and age are a heading risk factors for POAG, ensuing in on-going lapse of retinal ganglion cells, ocular haughtiness repairs and contingent prophesy loss.

Genetics also plays a role. Recent genome-wide organisation studies have identified dual genes – SIX1-SIX6 and p16INK4a – as strongly compared with POAG. SIX6 is compulsory for correct eye development. P16INK4a irreversibly arrests dungeon growth, a materialisation called senescence.

In their new paper, principal questioner Kang Zhang, MD, PhD, highbrow of ophthalmology and arch of Ophthalmic Genetics during Shiley Eye Institute during UC San Diego Health, and colleagues news that some variants of SIX6 boost countenance of p16INK4a, that in spin accelerates senescence and genocide of retinal ganglion cells.

“We also uncover that high intraocular vigour in glaucoma increases countenance of p16INK4a, creation it a pivotal integrator of fundamental genetic and environmental risk factors that can outcome in glaucoma,” pronounced Zhang.

The commentary advise that stopping p16INK4a could offer a new healing proceed for glaucoma, that is now treated by drugs that reduce intraocular pressure. “Although obscure intraocular vigour can delayed worsening of a disease, it does not stop it and forestall serve dungeon genocide or probable blindness,” pronounced co-author Robert N. Weinreb, MD, Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology and executive of a Shiley Eye Institute.

The authors note that progressing studies in rodent models have shown that resourceful rejecting of p16INK4a-positive senescent cells can forestall or check age-related hankie deterioration.

According to a UC San Diego team, a subsequent step is to control preclinical studies to consider a efficiency and reserve of antisense oligonucleotides – strands of synthesized DNA or RNA that can forestall send of genetic information – that competence stop p16INK4a countenance and forestall worsening of glaucoma. “If they are effective, we competence anticipate a tellurian clinical hearing in a future,” Zhang said.