If Anyone Tells You Rhinos Aren’t Cute, Watch This One Snuggle With A Caretaker

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When a Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in South Africa discovered this darling baby rhino from poachers, a bad thing had already witnessed those awful group brutally take his mom’s life. He was apparently aggrieved and shaken after such a distressing knowledge during that immature of an age.

The HESC organisation named him Gertjie and supposing a cutie with all a caring and reconstruction he indispensable to assistance reconstruct his confidence. Mud baths and prolonged daily walks were beneficial, though he was still shocked of being alone during night. So any evening, a caretaker kindly soothed a sweetie into doze with copiousness of snuggles.

“Hi, are we my new best friend?”

Hi, are we my new best friend?


“Yes, really my best bestest friend.”

Yes, really my best bestest friend.


Watch a video to see a small man try to stand right into her lap!

(source Pick n Pay)

I gamble we didn’t consider rhinos could be so adorable, huh? we only wish we could be there to graze a small man myself! You can find some-more info on Gertjie’s extraordinary liberation story on Pick n Pay’s website and a HESC website. Despite a unhappiness he’s been forced to face by cruelty, a kiddo’s got a lot of strength.