If Indrani killed my daughter, we wish her hanged, says Sheena Bora’s father Siddhartha Das

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A week into a increasingly involved Sheena Bora murder mystery, her biological father Siddhartha Das has been tracked down and finally spoke up. In a brief talk with Times Now, Das non-stop adult about Indrani Mukerjea, his children, and his relations with all 3 of them.

In response to a doubt about either he thinks Indrani was able of murdering Sheena, he pronounced it was possible, citing her gusto for a “high life”.

“There’s a possibility (she did it),” pronounced Das, adding, “She was money-minded of course. (She) always had ambitions for improved vital and high society.”

Siddhartha Das. Ibnlive imageSiddhartha Das. Ibnlive image

Siddhartha Das. Ibnlive image

In an talk to NDTV, Das pronounced that if Indrani had killed Sheena, “she should be hanged”.

Over a march of a interview, he also mentioned that it has been around 26 years given he final spoke to Indrani.

Das said, “Indrani left in 1989, and we never saw her again. Maybe she was not confident with my status. we had no job.”

He pronounced he had met her while they were in college, and they had dual children together. Describing it as “partly a mistake”, he said, “I was immature; we was not even staid during a time.”

He reiterated that he has never denied that he was a father of Sheena and Mikhail Bora.

“I have never denied being Sheena’s father… we am also Mikhail’s father,” he said, adding that both children were innate out of nuptials when he was living with her.

“Whatever they have given in a newspapers is totally wrong — Sheena’s date of birth is 11 February, 1987 and Mikhail’s is 9 September, 1988,” he said.

When asked about since he didn’t try to keep control of his children, Das said, “The children stayed during my in-laws’ place and they wanted to keep them. we wanted to take caring of them though my in-laws never gave me a chance”.

When asked about his attribute with his children, Das pronounced that he had not met Mikhail given he was 9 months aged (in 1989), and he final spoke to Sheena when she was in Class 10 (circa 2003-2004). “Sheena knew we was her father. She used to tell me that she quarreled frequently with Indrani,” Das said, concurrently describing a inlet of his conversations with his daughter as “very general… How are you? we am excellent (types)”.

Over time however, they grew apart. “I didn’t say hold with my family since we had no job… we satisfied we could not say a kids with their new (social) status”. And so they drifted apart.

Regarding a ghastly poser unravelling during present, it appears Das is as most in a dim as a rest of us.

“I didn’t know she (Shena) was introduced (to people) as Indrani’s sister,” he said, adding, “Sheena told me she had no tie with her mother. But she was frequently in hold with Indrani, and hid it from me.”

Das confirmed that a Mumbai military has not contacted him, though he is peaceful to concur with them.

“I am 100 percent prepared to take a DNA test,” he asserted.  Whether or not a military takes him adult on his offer will turn clearer in a entrance days.

Meanwhile, Das’ mother claimed that she had no believe about a past life of her father — who now lives in Dum Dum on a hinterland of a city.

“I have been married to Das for 16-17 years. we didn’t know anything about his past and we have zero to do with his past,” she said.

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