If The World Had More Officers Like These, Everyone Would Want To Get Arrested

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The New Taipei City Police Department in Taiwan usually combined 6 positively changed members to their ranks, and when we see them, you’ll wish we could take them for yourself.

Leader and Yellow, a two-year-old sniffer dogs of a department’s K-9 Unit, usually welcomed 6 Labrador pups into a universe on May 9. Now Schuman, Federica, Eagle, AJ, Sunny, and Fushin will be lerned to turn showing dogs there as well, and there’s no doubt that they’ll be among a cutest military puppies ever.

Five of a pups, whose coats are all black, will be lerned to detect drugs.

Facebook / NPA 署長室

But Pan Tian-long, captain of a K-9 Unit, says he has special skeleton for Fushin, a usually yellow Lab.

Facebook / NPA 署長室

“We devise to sight him to turn a blood showing dog. After a training, he would support a military officers to discover, hunt and pursue traces during crime scenes as good as locate suspected criminals,” Tian-long said.

Facebook / NPA 署長室