If You Love American Ninja Warrior, You’ll Freak Out When You See What This Dad Made

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Loads of people (including me) are fans of a uncover “American Ninja Warrior.”

The existence radio module (along with a counterparts opposite a world) facilities athletes rebellious obstacles that are tough by any customary imaginable. It’s a jubilee of a tellurian physique and what’s probable with a right conditioning and training. Often, these athletes sight for months or years before auditioning for a uncover since they’re not standard feats that they lift off in a gym each day.

One father in New York knew his son was a outrageous fan, so he took their aged pitch set in a backyard and converted it to a training belligerent for a 13-year-old boy. The formula are totally impressive.

In this video, a son shows off his moves on a barrier march his father created. Just looking during him creates my muscles hurt!

I know I’ll be rooting for him if he auditions for a uncover when he’s older! What a cold thing to do for your son. Share this with all a overwhelming dads we know.