If Your Kids Complain About Wearing Helmets, Show Them This Shocking Video

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For many cyclists, though privately immature cyclists, there’s this thought that horrific accidents couldn’t presumably occur to them.

I’ve seen it initial palm with all a kids we babysit. While it’s all in good fun, they only bound on their bikes half a time and we have to follow them down with helmets. And I’m certain you’ve finished that with your kids too, since things can go from fun to lethal in a blink of an eye.

Case in indicate this offensive video of a teen who attempts to exit his drive but wearing a helmet when he collides conduct on with a speeding car. This frightful footage would shock anyone straight.

Upon impact a child can be seen attack a hood of a automobile before rolling off onto a ground.

(via Daily Mail)

While a issue of this video stays unknown, let this be a warning to all cyclists out there to always use protected biking practices. ALWAYS wear a helmet.