In open letter, Swift criticizes ‘shocking’ Apple Music

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NEW YORK (AP) — In an open minute to Apple, Taylor Swift has criticized a company’s new streaming song use for unwell to recompense artists for a giveaway three-month trial.

Writing on her Tumblr page Sunday in a posting patrician “To Apple, Love Taylor,” Swift pronounced she would secrete her 2014 manuscript “1989” from Apple Music, that launches Jun 30. The cocktail star called Apple’s devise not to recompense artists, writers or producers during a three-month hearing “shocking, disappointing, and totally distinct this historically on-going and inexhaustible company.”

Swift pronounced she was vocalization adult for a song village during large, not for her possess personal gain. Three months, she said, “is a prolonged time to go unpaid.” Last November, Swift also pulled “1989” off Spotify.

Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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