India vs South Africa, First Test Day 2 Live: Vijay, Pujara extend India’s lead past 100

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Nov 6, 2015

  • 16:07(IST)

    Over 32: India 92/1 (Vijay 45, Pujara 43)

    Pujara moves into a 40s with a top-edged brush that scampers to a excellent leg boundary. He hasn’t looked as gentle or as certain as Vijay, though he is still there, that is what counts. He drives Tahir thorugh a offside for a integrate more. The representation is not looking as melancholy during a moment.

  • 16:03(IST)

    Over 31: India 86/1 (Vijay 45, Pujara 37)

    Right on cue, Rabada comes back. He finally gives divided runs with a far-reaching legside smoothness that whips past a screw and goes for 4 byes. But given it was extras – a initial of a innings – Rabada doesn’t get credited for them and it is another maiden.

    Oh, and India’s lead is now past 100.

  • 15:59(IST)

    Over 30: India 82/1 (Vijay 45, Pujara 37)

    Tahir replaces Elgar and dual runs are a result.

  • 15:54(IST)

    Over 29: India 80/1 (Vijay 44, Pujara 36)

    Philander into his third over of this spell. Not certain because Rabada was taken off after 3 overs given he hadn’t conceded a run. Perhaps Amla customarily wants to play them in brief spells though Rabada was building vigour that has given been expelled by Elgar. Meanwhile Philander gives divided customarily a single.

  • 15:49(IST)

    Over 28: India 79/1 (Vijay 44, Pujara 35)

    Elgar manages to find a corner of Pujara’s bat though a round has no gait on it and it gets to trip on a bounce. After Pujara picks adult dual with an inside-edge off an attempted sweep, he rocks behind and pulls Elgar to a low midwicket boundary. That was clinical and brutal.

  • 15:46(IST)

    Over 27:  India 72/1 (Vijay 44, Pujara 28)

    Philander continues from a other finish and Vijay nonchalantly flicks him divided for a integrate of runs. The rest of a over passes though event. And in box any of we are wondering, according to a speed gun, Philander is bowling during 128 kph.


  • 15:41(IST)

    Over 26:  India 70/1 (Vijay 42, Pujara 28)

    South Africa start with Elgar after a break. There are 15 overs left in a day so we competence be finished on time for a change. Vijay picks adult dual with a shave by behind block leg and afterwards moves to 42 with a trip by indicate for a single.

  • 15:35(IST)

    Over 25:  India 67/1 (Vijay 39, Pujara 28)

    Philander is behind so now join from both ends for a initial time today. Pujara flicks a round divided by behind block for a couple. Those are a customarily runs from a over and it is time for drinks.

  • 15:29(IST)

    Over 24:  India 65/1 (Vijay 39, Pujara 26)

    Big eyes from Vijay after a full smoothness from Rabada keeps low. Vijay was means to get down in time to urge it though it clearly astounded him. A third lass on a run for Rabada.

  • 15:25(IST)

    Over 23:  India 65/1 (Vijay 39, Pujara 26)

    Harmer continues. A thick corner that sends a round far-reaching of trip allows Vijay to scurry a singular and move adult a 50 partnership. Harmer switches behind over-the-wicket after that. This time Pujara is means to work him by a legside for a single.

    Woah! Vijay charges Harmer and lofts him sweetly over extra-cover to collect adult four. He is looking good, is Vijay. India need by 82 now.

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First day report

Mohali: Part-time spinner Dean Elgar wreaked massacre on a Indian batting sequence as South Africa enjoyed a top palm on a opening of a initial Test being played during a Punjab Cricket Association Stadium here on Thursday.

Elgar – improved famous as an opening batsman – returned total of 4/22 with his delayed left-armers as a hosts were discharged for 201 in their initial innings shortly after tea.

Ravichandran Ashwin in transformation on day one of 1st Test between Sri Lanka and India. AFPRavichandran Ashwin in transformation on day one of 1st Test between Sri Lanka and India. AFP

File print of Ravichandran Ashwin. AFP

The Indians strike behind with a integrate of early wickets as a Proteas finished a day during 28/2, trailing by 173 runs. Elgar and South African skipper Hashim Amla were during a double during stumps.

Choosing to bat after winning a toss, Indian captain Virat Kohli saw his decison explode as nothing of a Indian batsmen could hoop a South African bowlers on a wicket that lacked a kind of gait and zip customarily seen during this venue.

Opener Murali Vijay was a customarily Indian batsman who showed some volume of focus and courage as he battled his approach to 75 before being trapped leg before by off-spinner Simon Harper.

Elgar, who compartment now had taken customarily 6 wickets in his 17-Test career, valid to be a diversion changer for a Proteas. Fellow spinner Imran Tahir (2/23) and pacer Vernon Philander (2/38) also bowled well. Off-spinner Simon Harmer (1/51) and quick bowler Kasigo Rabada (1/30) also claimed a wicket each.

Experienced quick bowlers Dale Steyn and Philander constructed discernible pitch and parallel transformation with a new round to make life challenging for a Indian batsmen. Philander supposing a visitors with a early breakthrough when he had Shikhar Dhawan held by Amla in a slips.

Dhawan misjudged a transformation of an effusive smoothness as a round found a corner of a bat for a soothing exclusion with a hosts nonetheless to get off a mark.

Thereon, Cheteshwar Pujara and Vijay attempted to solid a innings with a 63-run second wicket partnership. Pujara seemed to be in good knick as he struck 6 liquid boundaries.

But a introduction of Elgar into a South African conflict brought roughly evident formula as a left-armer trapped Pujara leg before. It took a South Africans customarily 4 some-more deliveries to bind another wicket when they discharged Kohli for 1.

The India skipper, who incited 27 on Thursday, did not have a good birthday as he untimely a smoothness from Rabada that went true to Elgar during cover.

Ajinkya Rahane and Vijay were perplexing to solid India’s boat after a challenging morning though a former attempted to expostulate a probing smoothness from Elgar customarily to be held by Amla during slip.

Elgar’s subsequent smoothness constructed another scalp when wicketkeeper-batsman Wriddhiman Saha got out in accurately a same fashion, to be held by Amla during a same mark for a first-ball duck. By now India had been reduced to 102/5.

  • Indian batting choice now challenging though Sehwag was a nightmare: Dale Steyn

    Indian batting choice now challenging though Sehwag was a nightmare: Dale Steyn

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    South Africa Test series: ICC Tests Ranking reshuffle on cards as India eye 2nd spot

  • I feel during home batting during No 3: Virat Kohli

    I feel during home batting during No 3: Virat Kohli

All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja (26 not out) struck a few bounds to strike a 38-run sixth-wicket partnership with Vijay. Vijay had played brilliantly compartment now though was found leg before wicket by Harmer, customarily to put India in deeper waters.

Amit Mishra customarily lasted a few overs before lofting it to Dale Steyn during mid-on.

Rabada was detrimental to skip out on a wicket when he had Ravichandran Ashwin trapped leg before. Ashwin was on his approach behind to a pavilion, though a exclusion was overruled by a third referee who found that Rabada had over-stepped a line after radio referrals.

The Indians managed some volume of repairs control late in a day as South Africa started their initial innings on a unsure note.

Ashwin struck a initial blow when he outfoxed Stiaan outpost Zyl with a smoothness that incited neatly after pitching. Jadeja claimed a large wicket a integrate of overs after when Faf du Plesis attempted to leave an incoming smoothness customarily see a round strike his off-stump.