Indian batsmen need to learn how to stagger a strike: Rahul Dravid

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Mumbai: India A and Under-19 cricket group conduct manager Rahul Dravid is endangered about a country’s immature batsmen’s desire towards attempting large shots, ignoring a significance of rotating strikes to erect partnerships.

“One of a areas that could be a regard for Indian cricket is that there is a miss of balance; people are possibly fortifying or attack large shots and it easy to set fields to that as we can set in-out fields,” Dravid was quoted as observant by espncricinfo on Wednesday.

Rahul Dravid. Getty SportsRahul Dravid. Getty Sports

Rahul Dravid. Getty Sports

The former Indian captain, famous for his steely solve and flawless batting technique via his career, recently coached India A in a array opposite Australia A and South Africa A.

India A mislaid one four-day compare to Australia A on a dry Chennai representation and opposite a spin of Steve O’Keefe before entrance behind with a feat over South Africa A in Kerala.

“The ability to stagger a strike and erect a partnership when people have put group on a range line, and not attack cover or indicate all a time, being means to strike to long-on or long-off and personification risk-free cricket, and building an innings opposite spin on marks that are delayed and spin a bit — these skills need to be worked on and developed,” a 42-year-old said.

Dravid did not see a miss of adore for a longer format cricket in a youngsters, though he realised that distinct in his era, next in Tests is not a contingency presently.

“Definitely, only as penetrating as we was when we was their age. When we demeanour during them, they are really penetrating to play Test cricket and attain in four-day cricket during a Ranji level. They all wish to do well. we consider what has altered is that they don’t indispensably need to do it. Today, a vital can be done off a competition even if we don’t attain in long-form cricket,” Dravid, who scored 13,288 runs in 164 Test matches, forked out.

“I consider that event never existed to cricketers of my generation. When we was flourishing up, if we wanted to make a career off a competition and wanted to make a competition we adore a contention for a prolonged duration of time, we only had to attain in long-form cricket. Today with Twenty20 cricket, a opportunities have changed,” Dravid, who scored 10,889 runs in One-Day Internationals (ODIs), added.