Indian Weddings: What To Wear And What To Expect

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By Shaneza Subhan

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If we are propitious adequate to get yourself invited to an Indian wedding, and you’ve never been- we are substantially wondering on what to wear and what to design in general. For starters, Indian weddings are celebration like parties ripping with colour. Aside from a tasty food, they are filled with dancing, song and extraordinary entertainment. So if this is your initial time, we have listed what to design as good as what to wear to a South Asian wedding.

What to wear:

When it comes to Indian marriage attire, a options are endless. Keep it simple, as we don’t wish to surpass a bride, though keep it stylish and gratifying during a same time. Indian weddings are charming so make certain your outfit is splendid and glamorous. Go for colourful colours such as yellow, green, blue or pink.

The customarily colours we should stay divided from are white and black.White is typically ragged during funerals and black represents mourning. Also try to equivocate wearing red or maroon, as these colours are traditionally indifferent for a bride and we don’t wish to dwarf her on her special day.

Also, don’t wear anything too parsimonious or too revealing. There are a lot of aged guest so make certain a blouse isn’t low-cut or skin-tight. Be gentle in what we select to wear since these ceremonies tend to be time consuming.

If we unequivocally wish to fit in and try wearing normal Indian clothes , here are 3 opposite forms of outfits we can wear:

1) Indian wedding Saree: silk or sheer that is lonesome with embellishments and pleasing fact is certain to make it florid and stylish. Pair saree’s with pretty, prosaic boots and a good clutch.



2) Indian marriage Lehenga: This is a some-more saturated chronicle of a skirt. It’s pleasing and detailed, only be certain to furnish a dupatta (scarf that comes with it) elegantly over one shoulder for style. Pair it with any Indian character boots that is stimulating and accessorize with a relating clutch.



3) Anarkali suit: This is a best choice to go with when it comes to attending a wedding. It’s always trending, interjection to a Bollywood stars who constantly step out in these. It’s also really elegant, grand and dressy. Pair these with pretty, sparking boots and a clutch.




For your makeup, keep it minimal, nonetheless tasteful. Line your eyes with eyeliner, appropriate on your favourite lipstick and keep your braid stylish and elegant.

For jewelry, those are a eye catchers for many women, so be certain to select your best pieces. It’s always best to have a matter necklace, relating earrings and a few flattering bangles to go with your outfit. For an combined touch, supplement a minimal headpiece or an anklet.

What to expect:

A normal Indian marriage takes 3 days. On a initial night, a request rite will be achieved during home with a couple, a spousal family and tighten relatives. The second day, there will be a Mehndi ceremony where a bride and her womanlike friends and family will request henna to a bride’s hands and feet. That evening, customarily all marriage guest are invited for a “Sangeet” that involves dinner, assembly a couple’s families and dancing as good as performances.

The final day is deliberate a categorical rite where guest will attend a reception. It’s utterly a celebration with Punjab song and even a bit of Western music. Be certain to review your invitation delicately as some are invited to all 3 days and others only a final day.

You will see a lot of normal practices being achieved during a wedding. The groom will arrive on a flashy white horse while guest dance around him to a kick of an Indian drum. The bride and her family will afterwards hail a husband and sell floral garlands ragged around their neck to paint their acceptance of one another.

Lastly, in terms of gifts, a integrate customarily requests “no boxed gifts” so it’s best to move an pouch with money.