India’s best ODI XI of all-time: Dhoni, not Ganguly deserves to lead this team

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With India’s one-day array detriment to Bangladesh in a back perspective mirror, now seemed like a good time as any to name India’s all-time one-day team. After all, remembering a good times can mostly be relief during a bad times.

Selecting an All-time XI of a nation is an intensely formidable task. To decider a opening of players from opposite eras is diligent with danger. And there will always be discontented fans who will be dissapoint when their favourites skip out.

For a purpose of a analysis, a final XI comparison will 3 tip sequence batsmen, dual center sequence batsmen, an all-rounder, a wicket-keeper, and 4 bowlers.

File design of MS Dhoni. ReutersFile design of MS Dhoni. Reuters

File design of MS Dhoni. Reuters

There are some players who are involuntary choices due to their longevity and a perfect weight of their numbers. In an all-time India XI, Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, MS Dhoni and Anil Kumble travel in.

Many would disciple for Sourav Ganguly to be Tendulkar’s opening partner.

They scored 8227 runs in partnership with any other during an normal of 47.55 with 26 centuries and 29 fifty-run partnerships. They have scored 2235 runs some-more than a subsequent many inclusive partnership in ODI story (from any country). They also have a fourth top opening partnership of all-time with 258.

But Ganguly has a batting strike-rate of usually 73.7, that is excusable though not great. Virender Sehwag has a strike rate of 104.33. While Ganguly scored a century once each 14 matches, Sehwag did so once each 17 matches. So he scores a century roughly as mostly as Ganguly.

Sehwag also has a second top strike-rate of all time in ODIs among all a 191 batsmen who have scored during slightest 2000 ODI runs. So going opposite renouned belief, Sehwag should open with Tendulkar, as that will take a vigour of Tendulkar and concede him to bat routinely by a innings.

That doesn’t meant there is no room for Ganguly, who has second many series of centuries for India. He can container in No. 3, where he played in a 2003 World Cup.

Virat Kohli competence cite to bat during No. 3, though he averages 61.46 batting during No. 4. He is a second fastest to make 20 ODI centuries and is one of usually dual Indian batsmen to normal over 50 (the other being Dhoni) He also has a strike rate of 89.73, that shows that he is able of scoring during a sprightly rate. If an early wicket falls afterwards he showed be promoted above Ganguly as he is a improved actor of gait and Ganguly is a improved actor of spin.

The scuffle for a No. 5 mark is flattering engaging with Mohammad Azharuddin, Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina all staking a claim.

Here weightage has been given to performances divided from home and in World Cups as all Indian batsmen have good annals in home conditions. The following list gives a performances of these 3 divided from home and in World Cups.

All time ODI list 1All time ODI list 1

In their prime, all 3 were glorious fielders. However, Azharuddin has a many reduce strike-rate than a other two, and even if we cause in a slower scoring rates of his era, he has to skip out. While there is not many to select between Yuvraj and Raina, a fact that Yuvraj has scored some-more centuries and was a Man of a Tournament in a 2011 WC goes in his favour.

The wicket-keeper container during No. 6 goes to Dhoni and a all-rounder’s mark goes to Kapil. That leaves usually a bowlers. We wish dual some-more quick bowlers and dual spinners. Kumble is one of those spinners so that leaves us with wanting 3 some-more bowlers.

Once again, a bowling performances in conditions divided from home, have been considered, as good as their performances in World Cups.

All time ODI list 2All time ODI list 2

Roger Binny was a heading wicket-taker in a 1983 World crater though hasn’t played adequate matches for a satisfactory comparison. Zaheer Khan has a many wickets in visitor conditions and a joint-most in World Cups for India with Srinath. Also his ability to pitch a round both ways goes in his favour. Srinath gets a other join bowlers container as he is some-more careful than Agarkar and is also a usually bowler with genuine pace.

For a one remaining mark for a spinner, there is small to select from between Harbhajan and Ashwin, though Harbhajan gets a curtsy since he is a some-more aggressive bowler and also for his improved strike-rate divided from home. Plus, he used to play a lot of his overs in a PowerPlays though still has a good economy rate.

There is no doubt about a captain. Only one male on this list has won a World Cup and a Champions Trophy so notwithstanding a claims of Ganguly, it is Dhoni who will lead a team. The final XI in batting sequence is:

1) Sachin Tendulkar
2) Virender Sehwag
3) Sourav Ganguly
4) Virat Kohli
5) Yuvraj Singh
6) Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain and wicket-keeper)
7) Kapil Dev
8) Harbhajan Singh
9) Anil Kumble
10) Javagal Srinath
11) Zaheer Khan