Infosys clarifies on arch financial officer Rajiv Bansal’s separation pay

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Bengaluru: Software vital Infosys currently pronounced it has not committed any indiscretion with courtesy to a former Chief Financial Officer Rajiv Bansal’s subdivision remuneration of Rs 17.38 crore and it is being administered in suitability with a contractual rights and obligations.

Infosys also simplified that a cessation of certain payments is not on comment of any unconnected considerations.

“The subdivision agreement is being administered in suitability with a contractual rights and obligations. Certain payments to Rajiv underneath a agreement have been dangling tentative certain clarifications with courtesy to such rights and obligations. The Company wishes to explain that a cessation is not on comment of any unconnected considerations,” it pronounced in a statement.



The construction comes in a arise of reports that suggested Infosys founders had interfered to stop Bansal’s subdivision payments following his abdication final Oct and he was being paid off to stay silent.

The association pronounced following certain insinuations and rumours and an unknown minute perceived per Bansal’s separation, a Board and Audit Committee had proactively systematic dual apart eccentric investigations over a final one year into this matter in Oct 2015 and Aug 2016.

The investigations were conducted by Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, a conjectural law firm, it said. “Both investigations were shadowed by KPMG, a company’s auditors, and suggested no wrongdoings or efforts to cover adult any wrongdoings.”

The 2015 review associated to certain rumours that Bansal had done certain insinuations opposite a government and were soon investigated by a eccentric law firm, that resolved that there was no piece to any of these rumoured insinuations, a association said.

“It is also notable that Rajiv denied on record that he had done any such insinuations,” it added.

The 2016 review was systematic by a Audit Committee following a receipt of an unknown minute that purported that a subdivision remuneration to Bansal was dictated to overpower him, a association said.

The review comprehensively looked into a resources heading to a subdivision agreement and in particular, either a remuneration was dictated to overpower Rajiv from disclosing any impropriety, a association said.

“Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas resolved that a subdivision remuneration done to Bansal was not with a goal of silencing him from disclosing any impropriety,” it added.

The agreement with Bansal authorised him to news to a regulatory authorities in destiny any matter of impropriety that he became wakeful of that happened during his tenure, a association said.

Further, required approvals had been performed and suitable disclosures were done in a matter, it said.

The review was formed on endless hearing of records, emails and interviews with applicable people, a association said.

Latham Watkins, authorised advisors to a Board supervised and concurrent a investigation, a association said.

“Latham Watkins have reliable a autonomy of Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, a comprehensiveness of a review and a conclusions thereof,” it said.

KPMG, a orthodox auditors of a Company, had conducted shade record on both investigations and has voiced compensation with a investigations and conclusions of a reports, a association said.

The association had sealed a subdivision agreement with Bansal on Oct 11, 2015, and it supposing for extended non-compete obligations, besides other rights and obligations common for such agreements, a matter said.