Innov8: V-Commerce Application

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The module invites companies and people from around a universe that are building disruptive technologies and practice that could assistance figure a destiny of commerce in practical reality.

A accumulation of field in a practical existence ecosystem are acquire to request to a open invitation. Technology and calm companies can request with stream offerings or representation a new product or concept.

Submissions will be open with rolling preference until Aug 4, 2017.  After submissions are reviewed, a Innov8’s Judge Board will opinion to name companies as “V-Commerce Innov8tors”.

Store No 8, Innov8 sponsors and a Judge Board will work directly with a Innov8tors to build demos, prototypes to be demonstrated during a initial eventuality on Oct 18th in Los Angeles. At this invite-only event, a comparison V-Commerce Innov8tors will be supposing an disdainful possibility to showcase their ideas and bond with some of a biggest brands, influencers, and try collateral investors in a world.

What do we get if we am comparison to be a V-Commerce Innov8tor?

– Showcase during invite-only event
– VIP cooking with Innov8 Judge Board before to showcase event
– Capital to account growth costs and vital recommendation during incubation of concept
– Valuable selling and PR exposure, as good as access to tip VCs and sell executives
– Leadership training and mentorship with a Thrive Global e-course
– Founding member of Store No. 8 V-Commerce committee

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