International Space Station breathtaking tour

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Just before ESA wanderer Samantha Cristoforetti left a International Space Station after 199 days, she took adult to 15 cinema inside any module. Now, a images have been stitched together to emanate this interactive panorama.

These panoramas offer a image of a International Space Station as it was in Jun 2015, after relocating a Leonardo storage procedure to a new location

Explore a modules and wizz in to see some-more fact regulating interactive cognisance here on ESA’s website. Use a map or a arrow icons by a procedure hatches to go to another section.

You can try each partial of a Space Station and click on a play icons to watch an wanderer explain or denote an item, and click on a content icons for web articles.

We suggest exploring in a full shade to do probity to this immersive interactive panorama.

The debate was softened with a assistance of Thomas Rauscher in Vienna, Austria, who helped to tack a images together for some modules.

Source: ESA