Interview With Princess Tatiana Of Greece About TRIA And Greece

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Tatiana Blatnik, also famous as HRH Princess Tatiana of Greece, is a Venezuelan-born, Swiss-raised, New York-honed hustler who is dedicated to compelling her adopted nation of Greece. She is doing so around TRIA ETC, a company that aims to support, safety and foster Greek artisanship and privately crafts . The company helps internal artisans bond with and navigate a general business environment.

As for her possess angel story story, a overwhelming Blatnik met her king desirable in a hotel in Switzerland when she was visiting for Christmas holidays. HRH Prince Nikolaos of Greece knew her family though had never met her. It was adore during initial sight. “It’s a pleasing story that continues to grow,” says Blatnik. As she fell in adore with her Prince, she also fell in adore with his country. “I had a possibility to transport via Greece with my husband. This is such an implausible country. So beautiful. we unequivocally wish to share this with a rest of a world,” she told us in a new phone talk from her bureau in Athens, Greece.

“So most is perishing in a nation due to a situation, though in a meantime there is a lot of creativity—people are meditative outward a box. My partners (at TRIA ETC) and we are unequivocally ardent about preserving tradition and during a same time compelling development. We have an desirous prolonged tenure idea that is to reanimate a humanities zone in Greece and to inspire a artists and artisans. Our categorical concentration is lifting a form and prominence of a craftsmanship in a general space. All a products tell a story: where it comes from, who done it, how prolonged it took. We wish this to transport and to foster this on a general theatre to export,” says Blatnik.

The Anna TAN03The new website is a approach to bond artisans work with intensity buyers overseas.

“The artists who work here do implausible work. At TRIA ETC we wish to showcase this to a universe and foster it. My Greek partners and we find out a best artisans in a nation and have them emanate singular one of a kind pieces for us that we afterwards wish to trade abroad. For instance we came opposite this propagandize where a girls make tablecloths. It was unequivocally a excellent work we have seen anywhere, so we had them make these implausible one of a kind shawls for us. Each shawl is numbered and is unequivocally a pleasing square to own,” says Blatnik.

The Princess knows a thing or dual about pleasing fashions, carrying grown her skills operative alongside a venerable engineer Diane Von Furstenberg in New York for 5 years. “DVF is such an implausible woman,” says Blatnik. ”She unequivocally was my mentor. we have so most honour for her as a woman, mom and designer.”

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Photos: Tatiana Blatnik