Introducing H2O contrast ‘in a box’ to Canada’s farming market

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The final thing parochial application officers and farmers opposite Canada take for postulated is purify water.

But a stream routine for contrast city water, good H2O and other stock H2O supply is unwieldy and inefficient.

“Samples are collected and in some cases driven to a lab that is distant away, and afterwards a estimate itself mostly takes dual days,” pronounced Parmiss Mojir Shaibani, a post-doctoral associate in a University of Alberta’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Amirreza Sohrabi (left) and Parmiss Mojir Shaibani with their antecedent for a handheld sensor that can detect E. coli germ in H2O many earlier than stream methods.

The check always poses risk, she explained.

“What if a H2O is diseased to drink? Over that duration of time, people and animals celebration it could turn sick.”

Mojir Shaibani—who spent many of her U of A materials engineering PhD researching purify H2O contrast technology—cares deeply about ensuring purify celebration H2O for people around a world, including those in many communities opposite Canada who do not have entrance to it.

“Starting this business isn’t usually about creation money. We wish to make a disproportion in people’s lives, commencement with improving a H2O reserve government here in Canada,” she said.

The “we” includes her husband, Amirreza Sohrabi, who also spent many of his PhD in materials engineering during a U of A study treatment-focused purify H2O solutions. The pair, who changed from Iran to Edmonton in 2010 for their connoisseur studies, motionless mid by their third year to mix their common passion for purify water, as good as her H2O contrast and his H2O diagnosis innovations, into one business.

Roshan Water Solutions was finally launched in early 2017, with a concentration on a initial product, a handheld H2O contrast sensor.

The startup’s fast rate of acceleration—the twin has got a antecedent roughly finished and are prepared to do marketplace testing—isn’t usually interjection to an innovative product, yet also a couple’s venerable coachability and some singular appropriation opportunities.

Market need + intelligent thought = potential

Any good business contingency start with a need and a good solution, pronounced Noreen Hoskins, executive of eHUB, a U of A’s entrepreneurship centre.

“And Roshan’s H2O contrast record fills a outrageous need. The handheld sensor tests H2O on site forE. coli, expelling a risk of tellurian error, endless ride of samples and a costs municipalities and companies lift in sequence to control environmental assessments.”

Hoskins likens a judgment to an all-in-one solution, or H2O contrast “in a box.”

Roshan is also drumming into a outrageous market, total Hoskins. “They’ve solved a problem that involves a proportions of a land mass we are traffic with here in Canada.”

Mojir Shaibani forked out that there is zero utterly like a sensor accessible in Canada. Water is fed into a unstable device, and if E. coli is present, a byproduct changes a pH balance. Within one hour, a device indicates either H2O samples are protected or unsafe, that is a poignant alleviation over stream methods that take one to dual days.

“We haven’t reinvented a circle here yet we have total nanotechnology with existent record to concede a routine to be even some-more sensitive, and to start within one hour’s time on site,” explained Mojir Shaibani.

“The device is designed to be elementary to use and does not need any technical training,” she added.

Once their antecedent is completed, their initial aim marketplace is H2O contrast agencies and engineers in farming communities, yet they also intend to sell a device to particular farming businesses, such as farmers and homeowners who live on good systems.

“We’ve already had a lot of interest. The Government of Alberta has approached us to ask about it, as have prospects who found us by our website,” pronounced Sohrabi.

He is discerning to indicate out that they would be dual years behind where they are now yet a assistance of eHUB, attention mentors and singular appropriation opportunities.

Why mentors matter

“We met some profitable mentors by eHUB’s Accelerate program, who gave us useful feedback. They helped us see we indispensable to go behind to a strange antecedent to make modifications,” explained Sohrabi.

Through a Accelerate program, high-potential companies are unprotected to panels of attention leaders who yield specific recommendation about a product or service. Hoskins pronounced it doesn’t warn her that dual of a mentors are still assisting out a pair.

“Amir and Parmiss came to eHUB with a clever entrepreneurial spirit, yet their biggest strength is their coachability. They have voiced a prophesy of where they wish to take their company, yet they also cushion recommendation and interpret that into action.”

Sohrabi credits eHUB for giving them a event to grow their veteran network, that he pronounced grew a hundredfold.

“That will assistance us get connected with communities who could turn customers. Also, a enlightenment during a Faculty of Engineering desirous us early on. They inspire students to consider about requesting skills in entrepreneurial ways. eHUB was an critical overpass to switch from a technical side to learn about a business side of things.”

Tapping into appropriation support

Finding a lab was a tip priority for a newly innate association in Jan 2017. “But we knew that lease for a lab would cost us $3,000 a month. We didn’t have a money,” pronounced Sohrabi.

And yet they’d perceived much-needed financial support from the Rural eHUB appropriation program, they would need a lot some-more to correct and ideal their H2O sensor pattern and get it off a ground.

So they wanted around and found a singular appropriation event with Mitacs—a inhabitant investigate classification that manages and supports training investigate programs. It’s piloting a program, Entrepreneur Accelerate, that supports students who wish to work on their possess company.

Sohrabi and Mojir Shaibani have been hired on as post-doctoral investigate fellows for dual years in a U of A’s Advanced Water Research Lab, supervised by automatic engineering partner highbrow Mohtada Sadrzadeh.

Mitacs pays for half of their stipend, a span pays for a other half, and a U of A supports their transition from educational attempts into a business universe by provision much-needed infrastructure.

“Without this special arrangement, I’m not certain we could dedicate ourselves to a business or be surpassing during a gait we are,” pronounced Mojir Shaibani.

As a integrate puts in 13- to 14-hour days, they stay encouraged by gripping their eye on a long-term goal.

“We’d like to have a full-scale operation with 30 employees in 10 years,” pronounced Sohrabi, usually to be interrupted by Mojir Shaibani. “Five years! We wish to keep flourishing and enhance a products, and find an financier during a right time.

“It’s not usually about business for us,” she added. “It’s about assisting to safeguard purify celebration water.”

Source: University of Alberta

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