Investigating Deutsche Bank In Wake Of Admission It Rigged Gold And Silver

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Investigating Deutsche Bank In Wake Of Admission It Rigged Gold And Silver

Investigating Deutsche Bank In Wake Of Admission It Rigged Gold And Silver

Deutsche Bank Admits Rigging, Will Expose Other Riggers

Deutsche Bank has certified it fraudulent both a Gold marketplace and a Silver market. ZeroHedge has a sum in his news Deutsche Bank Agrees To Expose Other Manipulators.

Many asked me to comment. we am shocked?

No. In a arise of admissions of fraudulent LIBOR and fraudulent Euribor (bank to bank seductiveness rates in dollars and euros respectively), one would unequivocally have to consternation “What isn’t rigged?”

To a Moon, Alice?

While some consider bullion would have “gone to a moon” but this rigging, we consternation if it got as high as $1900 an unit since of rigging.

The same relates to china when it surfaced over $40.

It’s judicious to trust riggers don’t most caring about a instruction as prolonged as they make money. Hopefully we get some-more sum from Deutsche Bank soon.

This could get interesting.

What Isn’t Rigged?

While introspective a above question, let’s dive into Deutsche Bank’s 2015 Annual Report to examine other bid-rigging opportunities.

Consolidated Balance Sheet

Deutsche Bank has over €515 billion in “positive derivative values” in comparison to €496 billion in “negative derivative values”.

Hooray! Deutsche Bank is about €20 billion to a good. But how most was bet?

Deutsche Bank’s Derivatives Casino

The sum distance of Deutsche Bank’s derivatives casino is €21.39 trillion, notional.

Casino Breakdown

  • Interest Rate: €15.41 trillion
  • Currency Related: €4.78 trillion
  • Equity Index: €0.90 trillion
  • Credit Related: €0.27 trillion
  • Commodity Related: €0.08 trillion

How Much Risk on €21.39 Trillion?

Inquiring minds might be asking: How most risk is there on €21.39 trillion?

Perhaps startling little. After all, seductiveness rate risk could simply be tranquil with a few timely phone calls from a Fed and ECB.

What risk isn’t tranquil that approach can always be tranquil other ways (as we have seen).

I am gratified to note Deutsche Bank uses “central counterparty clearing services for OTC clearing” and a bank “benefits from a credit risk slackening achieved by a executive counterparty’s allotment system.”

“Margin mandate for uncleared OTC derivative exchange are approaching to be phased in from Sep 2016.”


And we can all count on a apparent fact that Dodd-Frank remodel has bound everything.

So, zero can presumably go wrong with €21.39 trillion in casino bets, only as €20 billion in increase (.0935%) shows.





Courtesy: Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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