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LoRaONE is IoT growth house with an Arduino concordant house packaged with facilities and sensors. It is easy to program, connected to a vicinity by countless sensors and prepared to go. The house has a distance of a matchbox, measuring usually 40 x 25 millimeters.

It has a proven 32 bit Arduino concordant height that is a best choice for all programmers. One of a characteristics of ARM Cortex M0 formed play is that they can be automatic to run intensely appetite efficient.

LoRa® networks are easy to set up, have intensely prolonged operation and are fast being rolled out around a world. It works both indoors and outdoors. LoraONE connects simply and safely with your internal LoRaWAN™ network.

1-69ce02f0572cb33b79fcd00a0e18336b_originalA GPS-antenna is enclosed in a LoRaONE, so it can lane a plcae precisely. To make it ideal for a IoT, it is selected a state-of-the art u-blox Eva GPS module, since it can be done to use reduction appetite than any other GPS. After switching off, a procedure keeps a calendar in memory. So when switching on, it can get a repair in only a few seconds. This allows to get a GPS repair each 5 mins during reduction than 1% of a appetite indispensable for consistent positioning by unchanging GPS. This is near-realtime tracking. An accelerometer is also enclosed in a little board. If there’s movement, a LoRaONE will know and can act accordingly. The GPS can safely switch off, until it a device detects movement. This minimizes appetite use even more, and will also keep we adult to date about what’s going on.

It is also means to detect captivating fields, since of a enclosed magnetometer. There’s a MicroUSB connector, so it can bond to your mechanism true out of a box. There’s 14 I/O pins, to bond other sensors or devices. All can be used for digital and 12 for analog It has a button and LED, creation it ideal for that wearable we always wanted to create. If we unequivocally don’t wish to worry about losing power, we can use a 500mW solar panel.

Tech specs

  • Microcontroller: ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex, M0+
  • Compatibility:  Arduino M0 Compatible
  • Size:  40 x 25 mm
  • Operating: Voltage 3.3V
  • I/O Pins:  14, All can be used for digital, 12 for analog and 8 for PWM, and UART, SPI and TWI (I2C)
  • Analog Output Pin:  10-bit DAC
  • External Interrupts: Available on all pins
  • DC Current per I/O pin: 7 mA
  • Flash Memory: 256 KB
  • SRAM:  32KB
  • EEPROM: Up to 16KB by emulation
  • Clock Speed: 48 MHz
  • Debug: Serial Wire Interface
  • Power: 5V USB appetite and/or (optional) 3.7 LiPo battery
  • Charging:
  • Solar assign controller, adult to 500mA assign current
  • LoRa® Microchip:  RN2483 or RN2903 Module (depending on your region)
  • GPS: u-blox EVA 7M
  • Accelerometer/Magneto: LSM303D
  • USB: MicroUSB Port

The plan has so distant lifted some-more than €18 thousands on Kickstarter, from some-more than 166 backers, with 28 days to go before a debate ends. Those subsidy this debate are betrothed shipping date of Jul 2016. The cost is €89.


Source: Kickstarter