IoT HAT for Raspberry Pi

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Pi Zero and prior Raspberry Pi models do not have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in. IoT HAT – is Internet-of-Things Hardware Attached on Top, it is an appendage house that provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for a Raspberry Pi. IoT HAT has a same wireless radio as a Pi 3, same BCM43438 chip (read here) that supports both Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4GHz) + Bluetooth 4.1 (Dual Mode – Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy) using during a same time. The wireless radio of IoT HAT is as good as that of a Pi 3 and all WiFi/Bluetooth program for Pi 3 are compatible.


The IoT HAT has an on-board antenna. If we wish to increase a RF range, we can simply insert a concordant receiver to the outmost receiver hollow and flip a switch. No hacking or soldering is required. IoT HAT is designed to fit ideally on a Pi Zero, measuring 65 x 30 mm. After joining a IoT HAT, there are 11 GPIO pins left for we to use.

2-e392a402e962e1eee168c4ca684d21b8_originalThe plan has so distant lifted some-more than $15 thousands on Kickstarter, from some-more than 577 backers, with 29 days to go before a debate ends. Those subsidy this debate are betrothed shipping date of July 2016. The cost is $9 for IoT HAT + $6 for Antenna Kit.


Source: Kickstarter