IPL 9: Shikhar Dhawan’s form not a worry for SRH, he’s a match-winning player, says Laxman

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Rajkot: Sunrisers Hyderabad’s coach VVS Laxman on Wednesday said that opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan’s form is not a matter of regard for a group and combined that domestic players need to measure runs.

Sunrisers Hyderabad are set play opposite Gujarat Lions, who have purebred 3 wins on run and remained unbeaten.

When asked about Dhawan’s form, Laxman said, “Shikhar’s form is not a worry for SRH team. He is a means actor and when he plays good he finishes off a match. He is a compare winning player.”

Dhawan has scored usually 16 runs in 3 matches in IPL this season.

Shikhar Dhawan has only finished 16 runs in 3 IPL matches. BCCIShikhar Dhawan has only finished 16 runs in 3 IPL matches. BCCI

Shikhar Dhawan has only finished 16 runs in 3 IPL matches. BCCI

Describing SRH skipper David Warner as one in illusory form, Laxman seemed to be disturbed about a disaster of domestic players entrance out to bat in a center order.

“Warner has been in illusory form and he played many compare winning knocks, though other batsmen quite domestic players entrance in a center sequence need to minister some-more with a bats.”

“If openers and center orders managed to click afterwards a group positively enjoys gentle position,” he said.

Laxman however was unequivocally gratified with a bowlers.

“The bowlers have finished good so distant for SRH, quite in a diversion opposite Mumbai Indians.”

“Bhuvneshwar, Bipul, Sran all did good opposite Mumbai Indians and it’s unequivocally good to have a initial win,” he said.

Laxman is unequivocally tender with Bangladesh’s middle pacer Mustafizur Rahman and said, “he is a intelligent bowler, he is unusually talented, he has a copiousness of movement with new and aged round and some-more critical he is unequivocally consistent.”

Laxman pronounced that SRH suffered dual uninterrupted defeats as his group could not govern a devise properly.

“We mislaid initial dual matches since we could not govern a plans. We played to a strength and won a diversion opposite Mumbai Indians,” Laxman said, adding that his side is assured of doing improved opposite Gujarat Lions.

“Suresh Raina is a unequivocally good singular over actor and I’m happy a approach Gujarat Lions, personification initial time in IPL, is doing,” he added.