Is end-to-end email encryption applicable these days? Secure Swiss Data’s implemenataion is!

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All information flows by a internet from indicate to indicate and if not. Hackers and governments customarily get into this information by intercepting a connection. To equivocate this, messages and files can be rendered in a code, and such coding, is called encryption. To moment a formula and clear a encryption, we need a key. End-to-end encryption, as a name implies, leaves a pivotal to a formula during possibly finish of a communication so that usually a sender and target can ever moment it. In other words, messages sent by one chairman to another can usually be seen by those dual individuals. Everyone else, can still forestall a summary though it will be zero some-more than gibberish.

Secure Swiss Data has grown a secure email service. The end-to-end encrypted communication between Secure Swiss Data users uses open pivotal cryptography techniques. The encryption standards used are AES – modernized encryption customary and RSA in sequence to get a really best advantages of uneven – a speed of exchanging keys and symmetric – really quick and well-vetted, inside a OpenPGP standard.

The encryption process

The encryption routine starts on a users side.

When Helen registers with Secure Swiss Data, she and automatically gets dual keys:

  • Public Key – this pivotal is common with a people who send encrypted messages to her
  • Private Key – is a pivotal that is stored locally on her device (only Helen has entrance to this key) and is used to decrypt messages Helen receives

The keys are generated on Helen’s device when she enters a Encryption password. The encryption cue decrypts a Helen’s private pivotal stored encrypted on a browser. The Secure Swiss Data users send and get a keys always encrypted, each time they record to a complement when a scold Encryption password.

Now David, as a Secure Swiss Data user, wants to send an email to Helen. He creates a email that gets encrypted with Helen’s Public Key.

Then a email goes by a encrypted channel to Helen.

Helen receives a summary sent by David and regulating her Private Key a complement automatically decrypts a summary so Helen can review it

“Zero Knowledge” encryption

The emails are always encrypted, even when stored on a Secure Swiss Data servers. Every email, between Secure Swiss Data users, is sent encrypted from a user’s device to a server, stored on a server encrypted, and afterwards a email is transmitted encrypted to a finish Secure Swiss Data user.

Encrypted emails all a approach make certain that even in a box of a crack a messages are secure and nobody solely a Secure Swiss Data user knows a content.

The “Zero-knowledge” ethos, Secure Swiss Data implements, ensures all user information is encrypted on a server. With a private encryption pivotal users send a messages to a server encrypted. Because Secure Swiss Data doesn’t have entrance to users private encryption key, they can’t decrypt a messages, review them or indicate for keywords.

Secure Swiss Data can’t and will never put users underneath notice to sell their information or form details, and there will be no advertisements.

E2EE is usually as good as a implementation. A parsimonious doing could forestall breaches in transit, however users during possibly finish will still need to be discreet to strengthen their communications. E2EE systems that aren’t implemented scrupulously will leave out loopholes that can be exploited by attackers.

End-to-end encryption is absolute and positively relevant, though a users need to know a stipulations and take serve movement to strengthen their data. Two-step verification, encrypted capability features, and private servers located in data-privacy unwavering jurisdictions can supplement a covering of reserve to all your files and private communications.

Comprehensive confidence and therefore remoteness insurance can usually be achieved by a multiple of technology, operational beliefs and authorised protections.

Switzerland + modernized IT infrastructure = use that is both arguable and secure.

Secure Swiss Data, being wakeful of this, not usually encrypts user’s email communication, though operates from Switzerland, so protects users information by storing it underneath 320m of slab in a Swiss towering and creation certain it is stable by a world’s many strong remoteness laws including a Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

At a End of May Secure Swiss Data will be rising a really initial chronicle of their Android and iOS Mobile Apps.

You can download a app and register an criticism for FREE. During a registration routine we will be means to:

  • Choose from 30 domains to demonstrate your celebrity or profession
  • Create an encrypted password for additional insurance of your mailbox
  • Create your possess Security Questions

This chronicle of a Secure Mail App will let you:

  • Send and accept end-to-end encrypted emails between Secure Swiss Data users
  • Send and accept emails with attachments (to both Secure Swiss Data and non-Secure Swiss Data users)

During a subsequent several months they will be releasing some-more facilities for a Apps, as good as, a webmail App with a Productivity Features such as encrypted calendar, charge manager, records and secure record sharing.

Next designed underline to be released is a Encrypted attachments.

Learn More on their website.


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