Is family argument between Pankaja and Dhananjay Munde behind Maharshtra’s chikki scam?

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Mumbai: Two days after purported Rs 206 crore chikki fraud involving BJP Minister Pankaja Munde came to light, it turns out that a whole fraud was triggered by zero other than her cousin and domestic antithesis Dhananjay Munde, a NCP personality and personality of antithesis in a legislative council. With Dhananjay Munde entrance into a picture, a fraud is now branch out to be a family feud.

Maharashtra Minister Pankaja Munde.  IBN LokmatMaharashtra Minister Pankaja Munde.  IBN Lokmat

Maharashtra Minister Pankaja Munde. IBN Lokmat

Dhananjay, disloyal cousin of Pankaja Munde, is a initial to protest about a purported fraud to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on 20 May.

Earlier, he was seen as Gopinath Munde’s blue-eyed child and that is because Munde intent Dhananjay in both politics and finances. The separate came in a 2009 state open elections, when Munde chose to margin his daughter Pankaja from Parli open constituency, his home turf. Subsequently, Dhananjay quit a BJP and assimilated a NCP in 2013. In a final open election, Pankaja degraded Dhananjay from Parli open subdivision by 25,895 votes.

In Apr this year, a row led by Pankaja won a choosing of a Vaidyanath sugarine factory, set adult in 2006 by late Gopinath Munde who was a authority until his genocide final year, in Beed district. Out of 20, Pankaja’s row won 18 seats. But, Dhananjay Munde unsuccessful to win any seat.

On Wednesday, a Fadnavis led supervision was strike by a initial vital claim of a ‘scam’ after Congress indicted Pankaja of clearing purchases value Rs 206 crore on 13 Feb by 24 supervision resolutions. A horde of equipment including snacks, mats, dishes, H2O filters, medicines and books for children were purchased underneath a Integrated Child Development Services by a women and child expansion ministry, headed by Pankaja. Congress personality Sachin Sawant had filed a censure with a Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on a issue.

While Dhananjay Munde was taken for comments notwithstanding steady attempts, a tighten help of him pronounced that it has zero to do with a family issues. “His bureau receives countless complaints everyday. So, as a personality of opposition, it is his avocation to move shameful issues to a notice of a arch apportion to take required movement into a matter. So, in this emanate also, he wrote to CM on May 20 as common and there is zero personal in this issue,” he told Firstpost requesting anonymity.

  • CM Devendra Fadnavis defends Pankaja Munde, says will control examine if needed

    CM Devendra Fadnavis defends Pankaja Munde, says will control examine if needed

  • BJP's Pankaja Munde indicted of Rs 206 cr scam, Maha CM Fadnavis defends her

    BJP’s Pankaja Munde indicted of Rs 206 cr scam, Maha CM Fadnavis defends her

  • Why didn't Pankaja Munde's method upload supervision resolutions on website, asks activist

    Why didn’t Pankaja Munde’s method upload supervision resolutions on website, asks activist

So, it is a arch minister’s shortcoming to take required movement on it. But, Munde did not go to press to get publicity. It seems that a arch minister’s bureau competence have leaked a sum of a issue, he said. “If his name is brought into a picture, a emanate will remove a earnest and it would demeanour like a family dispute. That’s because he is progressing stretch over a emanate and don’t wish to get dragged into it,” he added.

While Pankaja pronounced that she is prepared for any probe, Fadnavis shielded her observant that there was ‘no prima facie evidence’ of any wrongdoing. However, ACB has sought an reason from a women and child expansion ministry.

Hitting out during her cousin, Dhananjay, Pankaja, in a matter posted on amicable media pronounced that those people who could not better her father late Gopinath Munde during his lifetime and could not attain in politics are holding punish opposite her. They could not quarrel opposite me though have succeeded in giving mental woe to me. Without doing zero wrong, we am being defamed, she said.

BJP leaders from Pankaja’s stay are certain that a purported ‘scam’ is lifted and brought into a open by Dhananjay. “This is positively finished by Dhananjay Munde. It is a doubt of presence for him. Pankaja’s apparent expansion will revoke his chances in politics. So, he will try all probable to repairs her,” pronounced a BJP leader, requesting anonymity.

“But, detached from this, Pankaja has taken several good decisions that have harm some people with vested interests. It is utterly probable that they could be behind this. Interestingly, a same association has been proof chikki for final 5 years. But, nobody has pronounced anything about that,” he said.