Is it a muppet? Is it a mop? No, it’s Sonam Kapoor’s Elie Saab robe during Cannes

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The Indian tie with the Cannes Film Festival follows a bound settlement each year.

Indian actresses dependent with cosmetic brands flounce down a red carpet, they are dressed to a nines in tellurian haute couture, they are mostly appreciated for being fashionistas and afterwards there is that one outfit that brings it all down by a perfect force of a ridiculousness.

The Elie Saab gown. Image Courtesy: Twitter @sonamkapoorThe Elie Saab gown. Image Courtesy: Twitter @sonamkapoor

The Elie Saab gown. Image Courtesy: Twitter @sonamkapoor

This year a indeterminate honour belonged to Sonam Kapoor. The customarily style-conscious actor’s ensemble for a film screening of Inside Out  consisted of a elaborate yellow Elie Saab appliance that looked some-more like a feathered duster and reduction like a gown. Actually, it looked like a bad cousin of Rihanna’s Met Gala gown.

The neckline and hem of a dark yellow outfit had were lonesome with something that looked like a cranky between fur and feathers, while a rest of a issuing dress was unclouded edging right down to a floor-sweeping trail, that had a possess attendants on a red carpet.

Neither a colour nor a impression of a robe did Sonam any favours. Instead it got her a choicest comments on Twitter.