Is Silver Intentionally Being Drained And Diverted From The Retail System?

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Is Silver Intentionally Being Drained And Diverted From The Retail System?

Is Silver Intentionally Being Drained And Diverted From The Retail System?

One of a manners by that a chosen aristocrats reside is they cruise it bold to not emanate a warning before they do something bad to us. They’re like criminals with manners. In other words, it’s tactless to flush a toilet while a serfs are in a showering though giving a “heads up.” – John Titus, Best Evidence

I wish to prologue this post with a chapter that it is, during this point, usually a speculation that competence be totally off-the-rails.  But, afterwards again, it competence be uncomplicated adequate to accommodate a claim  explanative final of Occam’s Razor.

Most commentators and bloggers do a excellent pursuit regurgitating and repackaging information and developments that have already turn obvious.  But a vast infancy exclude to take a analytic and egghead risks compulsory to allege ideas formed on “tracks in a snow.”  Or they competence usually not see or be wakeful of a “tracks” that have appeared.

I know that given it became transparent to me in late 2001 that a U.S. race was underneath “attack” by a wealthy, power-hungry elitists who have gained control a system, we have been means to see how a economic, financial and domestic fall of a U.S. was going to reveal with a satisfactory volume of clarity by requesting this think-like-a-criminal algorithm:  “what would we do subsequent if we were a rapist that could work unshackled from Rule of Law?”

Let’s start bark this onion with dual probable motives.  The simplest reason for a sell necessity of silver, that is flourishing some-more serious by a day and is occurring in several locations globally (U.S., UK, Australia, Hong Kong, usually to name a few from that I’ve perceived minute reader accounts), is that a indiscriminate stockpiles are abating to a indicate during that a holders of vast paper brief positions risk running out of bars to broach to a entities holding a prolonged side of brief positions.

This wouldn’t be a Comex-specific issue, since really tiny steel is delivered on a Comex.  This would be an LBMA and OTC derivatives issue.  It’s one thing if there’s not adequate china to keep a packet supplied.  This usually causes annoy and angst among a small commission of hoi polloi perplexing to modify their fiat income into genuine money.  No vast understanding from a Government’s indicate of view. (Note:  the evidence that there’s prolongation ability issues during a refiners who supply china blanks to a mints is treasonable over a indicate of silliness).

But a an wholly opposite emanate if there’s a critical smoothness default to strategic/industrial users and uber-wealthy barons in India, China and a Gulf State Countries.  If word leaked out of a default on that level, a cost of would china launch into circuit and a unreasonable paper brief position put on by a bullion banks would flame a TBTF banks.

We know a “registered” china vaults on a Comex started dropping quick in mid-March –


But where is this china going?  We also know that indications of sell shortages started appearing late-June, followed by an proclamation from a packet that it was crude prolongation and sales of china eagles. The hindrance was remedied about 3 weeks later.

For a record, a packet announced a 20% cut-back in china eagle prolongation in Aug and another 20% cut-back in prolongation on Sep 15:  US Mint Choking On Silver Shortage 

This suggests to me that domestically reason china in a United States is indispensable elsewhere to extinguish supply “fires” and a U.S. adults can “eat cake” instead.  This would explain a remarkable burst in U.S. china exports to India, initial detected by SRSRocco LINK, in May and June.   If a a packet needs china to furnish adequate china eagles to accommodate sell demand, since is this china being sole to India?

By law – this “law” was created in an epoch when a elitists were rather compelled by Rule of Law – a U.S. packet is compulsory to furnish adequate china to accommodate demand.   If china that could be used to stamp china eagles to accommodate direct is being exported to India – in a context of a purebred china batch during a Comex dropping like a passed fly, it suggests  perhaps  that a authorities are intentionally removal a sell china placement complement in a U.S in sequence to accommodate direct obligations offshore.

Thus a initial probable ground for removal a sell complement of china is, simply, that a china is indispensable elsewhere, with inauspicious consequences if a china is not delivered.

The second ground is almost some-more guileful – and some competence contend “conspiratorial” – though equally as probable as a initial motive.  Recall that there’s been contention of expelling earthy money banking and converting a western banking complement into a digital banking system.  In fact, several rather successful Keynesian-influenced criminals economists have voiced clever support for this idea.

This falls into a “the elitists like to emanate a warning before they do something bad to a population” difficulty from a quote during a top.

The reason for removal china from a complement is that it represents a hazard to a devise for commanding on us an electronic fiat banking system.  Silver was indeed used as a banking before gold.  Over time, china became famous as “poor man’s gold” since of a low value per unit relations to gold.  But since of a low relations worth, an unit of china is more fungible for bland use a currency.   For these reasons, a sale of china packet coins exceeds a sale of bullion coins by about a 100:1 ratio.

If a vast adequate commission of a race binds china in vast adequate quantities, it is utterly probable that a use of china and bullion would rise and an “underground economy” choice to a digital fiat banking complement being contemplated.   As prolonged as usually a tiny commission of a race owns bullion and silver, the Government can still impose control over a banking complement and therefore a whole complement though any threat of a black marketplace choice banking complement formed on metal.

Please remember that Paul Volker has pronounced that it was a mistake for a Fed to control a cost of bullion when a U.S. dollar was devalued opposite a yen in 1973.  Furthermore, he recently referred to bullion as “the enemy.”  And make no mistake, a inclusive volume of anti-gold promotion in a media this year is a Fed/Government’s intentional and distributed bid to vilify bullion as tiny some-more than “a Pet Rock” and thereby aggressively daunt a open from meditative about gold/silver as an investment.

If a Government can empty as most bullion and china from ready-access by a open at-large before a most incomparable commission of a race understands gold’s value as critical insurance opposite ongoing prevalent banking devaluation, afterwards a Government can equivocate commanding a sincere total magnitude of confiscating gold, like FDR did in 1933.

In short, a Government needs to mislay bullion and china from a U.S. mercantile complement in sequence to discharge changed metals a rival choice to a devise for commanding an digital banking complement on a country.

One final point, when we see  dubious member of institutions like a Perth Mint disingenuously attempting to diffuse a fact there’s a silver necessity with prolonged articles installed with half-truths, twisted truths and bullheaded repudiation of facts, we start to think that a necessity is worse than is known.  This is loyal regardless of either or not a dual theories due above reason true.



Courtesy: Investment Research Dynamics