Is That You, Bigfoot? Rangers Warn Californians About A Possible Escaped Ape

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Jake Gardiner was recently enjoying a good travel by a woods in Crescenta, California, during his lunch mangle when he listened noises entrance from circuitously trees.

He primarily suspicion a sounds were done from birds or other animals famous to live in a area, though after feeling a bizarre prodigy that he was being watched, he motionless to lift out his phone and try to constraint anything out of a ordinary. What he finished adult recording has a California Department of Fish and Wildlife warning a open that there could be an ape stealing in those woods.

Gardiner didn’t notice anything during initial when he reviewed his footage.

Screenshot / Daily Mail

But when he looked again, he beheld something in a background. “You can really see a torso and 4 limbs relocating around and overhanging around,” Gardiner told KTLA. “It’s a flattering apparent kind of motion.”

Screenshot / Daily Mail

Now officials are questioning and trust there could be a transient ape that someone had been gripping as an bootleg outlandish pet. Check out what they have to contend about a puzzling quadruped in a video below.