Islamic State Militants Capture Town of Tal Abyad

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islamic stateAccording to a Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Islamic State militants have pounded and re-captured a city of Tal Abyad in northern Syria on Tuesday. Officials from a classification settled a city was mislaid to Kurdish antithesis fighters dual weeks ago after an heated quarrel to take behind to a city from nonconformist control.

The city is a pivotal vital building for the Islamic State to allege their debate in adjacent Turkey. Fighting along a limit has been going on for months, as good as in a segment surrounding Saudi Arabia. The detriment of a city in a commencement of Jun was a a good blow to Islamic State militants, as it is on an critical supply track to Raqqa, another building for a nonconformist group.

Over a past 48 hours, militants have launched mixed assaults on the city of Kobane, a few miles west of Tal Abyad. During a seizure, over 200 people were killed, including civilians. There is no central genocide count nonetheless from a incident.

According to a Syrian Observatory, a Islamic State has been reliable to have taken control of a Mashor Foqani distict on a hinterland of Tal Abyad. There is no word nonetheless if Kurdish army will launch an descent on a town.

By Alex Lemieux


BBC News: Islamic State ‘attacks Syrian city of Tal Abyad’

Photo Courtesy of Enno Lenze’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License