It does not seem like 25 years during all: Parikrama’s Subir Malik on band’s milestone

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New Delhi: They embarked on a stone ‘n’ hurl tour in a universe of song in 1991 as a rope called Parikrama, and have remained a source of rousing beats. As a rope turns 25 this year, keyboard actor Subir Malik says, “It does not seem like 25 years during all!” adding that a pivotal to presence is “to hang around”.

He also common that a best partial of their story is that it all seems like “yesterday”.

Parikrama is pronounced to be India’s biggest ‘rock’ band, that has remained forward of their time in terms of song as good as vision. They have not expelled a full-length manuscript yet, and trust in distributing song around digital mediums and giving it out for free.

“The biggest doctrine is substantially to keep your feet on a ground, that’s unequivocally critical to hang around,” Subir told IANS.

Parikrama. Image from FacebookParikrama. Image from Facebook

Parikrama. Image from Facebook

Parikrama, consisting of members like Saurabh Choudhary, Srijan Mahajan, Nitin Malik, Gaurav Balani, Shambu Nath, Imran Khan, Sonam Sherpa and Subir, will be completing a entertain century on 17 Jun this year.

Many of a members were left behind over a years. Some of a former members are Aneesh Arora, Rajat Kakkar, Prashant Bahadur, Valentine Shipley, Vipin Mishra and Chintan Kalra.

Ask Subir about a changes that have encompassed a song industry, and he says “today there are most some-more opportunities and income and mediums than before”.

The success story of a rope is embedded with ideal brew of craft, skills and vision. They garnered general commend in 2007 around a opening during a Download Festival, and there was no looking back. The rope has been a partial of vital song festivals in India as good as unfamiliar shores.

The rope motionless not to recover an manuscript and to quarrel robbery approach behind in a 1990s, and Subir points out that a prophesy has helped them stay forward of time.

He said: “Even a biggest of bands now have to sell their CDs on their live shows, all song shops are close and a best approach is what we started in 1995, give out, sell or free, over a net and make income during live gigs.”

Live gigs have played a unequivocally critical purpose in a band’s fame, and a artist shares that unison enlightenment in India is booming.

“It’s (the song theatre is) shining and unequivocally vibrant. we consider there is no other theatre in India where so many concerts occur in pubs,” pronounced Subir, who recently achieved with his rope friends during Hard Rock Cafe in Gurgaon (now Gurugram).

Apart from live gigs and fighting piracy, a rope also recently took a theatre to widespread a summary of universe assent around music. Subir records that issues “inspire us a lot”.

Though rope friends have had their assignation with Bollywood with solo projects like Manjunath, a rope as a whole has confirmed a stretch from Hindi showbiz.

So, what’s gripping them divided from Hindi filmdom?

“There is some good song entrance out from Bollywood now and that’s great. Hope that continues. As a rope we have unequivocally never finished even one project. Manjunath was a solo plan of Nitin and Sonam and Subir. But yes, we are formulation to do Bollywood music,” Subir said.

As for all a determined musicians out there, Subir had this advice: “Stay grounded, work tough and we will make it”.