It is all about Gold and Devaluing Fiat Currencies

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It is all about Gold and Devaluing Fiat Currencies

Harry Dent is a good demographer and stands for what he believes.  But this is not about Harry Dent.

Charles Sizemore is a author and editor who works for Harry Dent, though this is not about Charles Sizemore.

This is about gold!

Over a century ago JP Morgan supposed that bullion was income and a rest was credit.  But he lived when we could buy groceries with a bullion eagle and a crater of coffee cost a few cents.

Ben Bernanke and hundreds of other “paper pushers” omit gold, fake not to know it, and vigour a universe to covenant business regulating their paper banking Ponzi schemes.  Why?  Because a dollar (euro, yen, pound) Ponzi intrigue produces energy and distinction for a financial village and politicians.  But this is not about a bankers and politicians who wish control over your income as they remove a cut from each transaction.

This is about gold, and it is not personal with Charles Sizemore.  He represents a standard perspective of bullion so I’ll use quotes from his article.  It could have been any of 1,000 other writers.

“Gold isn’t so most an investment as it is an romantic ideology.”  He thinks faith in bullion is fundamentally a sacrament and he is vicious of those who trust it is a “one loyal currency.”  He promotes a mainstream perspective combined by a domestic and financial selected in a west for their possess benefit.  Don’t try to sell this nonsense in China, India or Russia.

History shows that silver, shells, rocks and other equipment have been used as banking over a centuries, though societies have customarily selected china and bullion as their chosen currencies since they have worked better.  Gold and china were used since they reason value, were zodiacally recognized, accepted, and were convenient.  Gold and china were used as honest income until a executive bankers gained control over a money.

Gold and china still reason value and are zodiacally appreciated, though we can’t buy groceries with china or gold.  However, we can use a withdraw label and recompense a 1% price to a bank, or use a credit label and recompense a 3% price to a bank in further to 10 – 20% annual interest.  Yes, we know, a grocer strictly pays a price though eventually we recompense it in aloft prices.

Sizemore:  “Gold is an acceleration hedge…  The large problem here is that an acceleration sidestep is usually profitable when we indeed have inflation.”  Hmmm.

  1. Have we looked during prices in a grocery store?
  2. Yes, we know. Gasoline and televisions are cheaper.  Did they recompense for your boost in health word costs from Obamacare?
  3. College tuition? NFL games?  Beer?  Cigarettes? Local taxes?
  4. Health care, medication drugs, sanatorium care, ER care, alloy bureau calls?
  5. Apartment lease and housing costs?

But it is misled to trust that people essentially buy bullion as an acceleration hedge.  Yes, there was acceleration in a 1970s and people bought gold.  People also bought bullion during thousands of years when there was no inflation.  The genuine emanate is that bullion is an honest banking and therefore is a sidestep opposite banking devaluations by executive banks and governments who amalgamate to boost banking increase and concede governments to overspend their budgets.

When governments and executive banks are authorised to amalgamate their currencies though patience … they do what we would design … they amalgamate their currencies and overspend.  Argentina has devalued their banking so most that they lopped off 13 zeros from their banking in a final 60 years.  The routine is reduction impassioned though identical elsewhere.

Sizemore:  “Gold is a predicament hedge….When a universe gets shaky, investors tend to group to a U.S. dollar and to U.S. supervision holds rather than to gold.”

Which is some-more sensible?  Flock to a 5,000 year aged banking that has no counter-party risk and is valued globally … or group to a debt formed fiat currency (or bond)issued by an ruined supervision that has a 100 year lane record of devaluing a banking and has publicly settled a goal to continue that devaluation?

Sizemore:  “Gold is a store of value.  This one we only don’t get… So assigning a genuine value to bullion is only about impossible.”

No criticism needed!  Anti-gold promotion is heavily promoted since bullion is honest income that generates small distinction for a financial village and since it competes opposite a paper things released by executive banks.

Harry Dent believes that bullion prices will tumble to $700 and presumably as low as $250 in a subsequent 5 to 10 years, so he discourages shopping gold.  If we cite debt formed fiat currencies that can be combined by a trillions with a keystroke, confiscated easily, and devalued overnight, afterwards by all means, trust in those dollars, euros, and yen instead of gold.  The financial and domestic selected competence appreciate you.

It is not about Harry Dent or Charles Sizemore … it is about bullion and devaluing fiat currencies.




Courtesy: Gary Christenson – The Deviant Investor

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