It Looks Like He’s Just Riding A Motorcycle, But Take A Closer Look At His Bike

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Regardless of how we feel about dungeon phones, there’s no denying that they’ve done spotting and pity amicable injustices approach easier.

Social media has lent a palm in throwing criminals by permitting sum strangers to share think photos and other pieces of information online, that in spin can assistance authorities moment a case.

After a amicable media post went viral, a city-wide male hunt was underway for this Texas father who was held putting his child’s life in risk while out for a joyride.

A endangered father posted a print of Anthony Welsh roving a motorcycle with his baby sitting atop a gas tank on Facebook where it was common hundreds of times.

Facebook / Where is Baby Kate?

Texas law prohibits anyone underneath a age of 5 from roving as a newcomer on a motorcycle, though sidecars are excusable for children of all ages.

Screenshot: KHOU

Police were means to brand Welsh from a print as good as watcher statements, that led to child endangerment charges being brought adult opposite a man.

Screenshot: KHOU