It Looks Like He’s Stuck, But This Wiener Dog Finds A Hilarious Solution

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Wiener dogs aren’t unequivocally famous for being athletic. we mean, have we seen their legs? They overtly have a tough time gripping adult with their long-legged buddies, though that’s okay. It usually adds to their charm.

But what they miss in physicality they totally make adult for in wit. Just ask this small guy! He got himself into a bit of a pickle, though after meditative it through, he came adult with an inventive solution.

Watch this cutie in action:


Shake it, small buddy!

Shake it, small buddy!

YouTube / Elliot Smith

Now, would a taller dog have been means to do that? we don’t consider so! Way to go, small wiener dog. You are a wiggly favourite of my heart today!