It’s going to be a tough highway though if anyone can reinstate Dalmiya, it’s Ganguly

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On Thursday, Sourav Ganguly began his new innings as he was allocated boss of a Cricket Association of Bengal following a genocide of Jagmohan Dalmiya. Yes, there was complacency among a cricketing fraternity, generally in Bengal, with Ganguly being their favourite son. But his appointment also lifted an critical question: Can he be as successful an director as a cricketer?

Cricket administration is a formidable job. It’s a high vigour job. It involves a lot of organising skills, traffic with supervision agencies, and doing a lot of domestic opposition, vigour and backlash.

Jagmohan Dalmiya mastered that art and a doubt now arises either Ganguly can lift brazen a legacy.


Jagmohan Dalmiya mastered that art and a doubt now arises either Ganguly can lift brazen a legacy. Getty

Former India cricketer Javagal Srinath who himself was an director in a past had dismissed in a sound warning before Ganguly took over, observant he shouldn’t rush into a administrator’s purpose during such a immature age. ” It’s going to be tough,” Srinath told NDTV.

“Everything is a dispute of interest. It becomes formidable for we to function. It is 24×7. When we take adult this admin job, there is no looking back, it’s like a contention from morning to evening. This can be frustrating during times given critique is constant. Perspectives of several people entrance for several reasons. It’s about handling perceptions, it can be frustrating during times,” he added

Srinath was inaugurated as a secretary of Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) in 2010 while Anil Kumble was inaugurated as a president. The twin brought about a lot a good changes in its three-year tenure, introducing record in a organisational structures, building new grounds, upgrading aged ones and swelling a diversion to cities and towns outward Bangalore. It was a severe role, though Kumble and his administration were successful in a three-year tenure.

“When we travel into administration, it becomes a totally opposite perspective. You are traffic with people who presumably don’t have a same expostulate that we have. You come in and unexpected contend that this should occur tomorrow, this should occur now, this is a highway map and we wish we to grasp this. The plea is: How do we align all those people who have been operative in some arrange of a format or sourroundings that has been used over a years? It’s not easy,” Kumble had told ESPNCricinfo.

The highway wasn’t smooth. There were allegations of dispute of seductiveness opposite him being an director of KSCA and also conduct of a organisation Tenvic whose pursuit was to coach cricketers. Kumble and Srinath once staged a walkout from a Annual General Body assembly of a KSCA, alleging injustice of supports by a association. But in annoy of a hindrances, they brought about changes.

Kumble was a fighter, he was a idealist too. Ganguly is in a same mould. He is an assertive personality. He is intrepid and likes to take a antithesis on. During his personification days, he was a fighter. He took over India’s captaincy when India was going by one of a many formidable phases — in 2000 — recuperating from a match-fixing crisis that had strike a nation hard. He brought about a change of proceed and altered a face of Indian cricket. He became India’s many successful captains in Tests before MS Dhoni pennyless his record of 21 wins. He had a care skills to move a best out of his players and he was also a tough bulb to moment — an in-your-face character.

Ganguly positively has a qualities that an director requires. Yes, there are many challenges. He will have to multitask. He’s been a member of BCCI’s cricket advisory cabinet and co-owner of Indian Super League authorization Atletico de Kolkata. He also does explanation stints with TV channels. But a Prince of Kolkata isn’t new to a administration job. He’s formerly reason a posts of authority of Bengal’s cricket coaching cabinet and arch of Bengal’s cricket growth committee. He had been holding a post of CAB joint-secretary given Jul final year before being chosen for a President’s post unopposed.

Not many cricketers have left on to turn successful administrators — South African Dave Richardson is among a few exceptions. It’s a prolonged highway though Ganguly has those qualities to succeed. He has taken adult this plea all by himself. “I am certain we will give 100 percent, a categorical concentration will be on cricket, it will be cricket for Bengal and cricket for India,” Ganguly told India Today.

Ganguly had once pronounced that personification cricket was worse than administration. He finished adult as one of a legends of a game. His ability to get a best out of his teammates — See: Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra, Harbhajan Singh and many others — will reason him in good stead in his new post.

It will be formidable to fill in a boots of Dalmiya though if there is one chairman who can come close, it’s Sourav Ganguly.