It’s That Time Again — Here Are 15 Graduation Fails To Get You Into The Spirit

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I don’t know about you, though one of my biggest fears about walking during graduation was that I’d outing and tumble on my donkey before receiving my diploma.

I’m overtly astounded that notwithstanding my intensely clumsy nature, we managed to stay on my feet during both my high propagandize and college graduations — though unfortunately, these bad students can’t contend a same. Whether they were perplexing to uncover off, wore a wrong footwear, or only became a hapless victims of sleazy floors, they’ll expected never forget a chagrin they felt when they ate it.

Here are 15 of a many cringeworthy graduation fails since what’s any propagandize eventuality but during slightest one annoying moment?

1. This will perpetually be famous as a nasty pound listened ’round graduation.

2. God, that looks painful.


3. And this is because we exclude to ever wear high heels.