Jat share stir: Community leaders bluster to opinion opposite BJP in UP, Punjab polls

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New Delhi: Accusing BJP of “cheating” them on a emanate of reservation, leaders of Jat organisations and
Khap panchayats on Thursday pronounced members of a village would opinion opposite a celebration in subsequent year’s public elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

“We have motionless to evade a aroused mode of criticism and work for better of BJP in public elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh as a celebration has cheated a Jats on reservation emanate in Haryana,” Choudhari Omvir Singh, owner of Vishwa Jat Manch, told reporters in New Delhi.

“Jats from Haryana will debate UP and Punjab and tell a electorate there that BJP has cheated a community,” he said.

File print of a Jat agitation. PTIFile print of a Jat agitation. PTI

File print of a Jat agitation. PTI

The entertainment of Jat leaders upheld 5 resolutions, including one that demanded a Haryana supervision sequence a legal exploration into a assault during a Feb restlessness by a community.

“We direct a legal examine into a assault allegedly by a Jats during a protests in a state by a sitting decider of a Supreme Court. Jats were not concerned in assault that occurrred in a state as they were bustling with their rail-roko agitation,” he said.

The other final enclosed recover of “innocent” Jats arrested in Haryana and reservation to a village underneath OBC difficulty as has been finished in UP, Rajasthan and other states where a village has a sizeable presence.

Singh pronounced Jat organisations from Haryana, Delhi, UP and Delhi will denote peacefully during Ramlila Gorund on 28 Sep to force a BJP supervision in Haryana to immediately stop a work of “dividing” a people in a state on standing lines.



“We are protesting opposite BJP since a celebration has not paid remuneration to those killed in assault and scores of people who have been arrested have not been released,” pronounced SS Sandhu, boss of Jat Arakashan Sangharsh Samiti.

“We will ask a village to opinion opposite BJP though we will not ask for voting in foster of any sold party,” Sandhu said.

At slightest 30 persons were killed in a assault during a Jat share stir in Haryana in February.