Jesse Hernandez Fell Into Drainage Pipe in Griffith Park

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Jesse Hernandez celebrates Easter by picnicking and personification soccer and volleyball in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. When it came time for a Easter-egg hunt, they boys were not around.

Thirteen-year-old Hernandez and his cousins were personification in an deserted upkeep building, jumping on wooden planks during 4:45 p.m. PT. At slightest until one of a planks broke. Hernandez fell 25 feet into a 4-foot-wide drainage pipe. According to glow officials, a siren flows into a L.A. River. Friends pronounced his cousins called for him, though usually listened their possess echoes in response.

After 5 hours, Hernandez still had not been found.

Dominique Barraza, a family friend, pronounced they attempted to send content messages and called his dungeon phone. The phone rings and goes to voicemail.

A raging hunt ensued Sunday afternoon. Over 100 civic search-and-rescue crews, firefighters lerned in cramped spaces and swift-water rescuers assimilated a search.

The siren Hernandez is a closed-pipe system. The hunt organisation complicated a maps of a complement that stretches hundreds of feet. They trustworthy a camera to a floatation device and send it 300 feet down a pipe. They were setup in mixed areas anticipating a immature male would come by one of a pipes into a L.A. River, or a empty nearby Chevy Chase Drive.

Los Angeles Police Sgt. Bruno La Hoz pronounced that a complement was a hulk obstruction and certified they were not certain where a empty siren leads.

Throughout a system, pipes are filled with varying inlet of H2O relocating during 15 mph. Rescuers were not means to enter a drainage area since it was a dangerous environment, according to orator for a L.A. Fire Department, David Ortiz.

Officials with a Department of Sanitation were reviewing a maps to establish if there are any areas Hernandez could be stuck.

Crews searched via a night with modernized cameras with lighting abilities. The cameras can be trustworthy to pontoons and yield by a pipes.

At nightfall, 25 people during a stage hold hands and bent their heads in prayer. Twenty of Hernandez’s family members remained during a scene.

Live news coverage showed firefighters on a upkeep building, obscure a ladder into a ditch. However, a hovering news helicopters hindered a hunt bid and were asked to lift back.

According to people who were during a hunt and posting on Reddit, Hernandez has been found alive only before 8 a.m.

By Jeanette Smith


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