JK Rowling wants we to know that you’ve been pronouncing Voldemort’s name wrong all this while

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Heads up, all Harry Potter fans! ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ has turn ‘He Whose Name Was Not Properly Pronounced’. After 7 7 bestselling books and 8 films in a inserted years, JK Rowling currently told tweeple that a name of a categorical criminal in a Harry Potter series, Voldemort, has been conspicuous wrong all throughout.

Yes. Voldemort is conspicuous with a wordless ‘T’. Responding to a fan’s avowal that she had conspicuous in a past that Voldemort’s name was conspicuous in such a manner, Rowling, 50, reliable a fan had remembered correctly. But it was not a humour of Rowling that she kept a T in Voldemort silent. According to this news in The Time, a french word ‘mort,’ conspicuous with a wordless T, means death.

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As expected, Potter fans reacted with good fad and sadness.

After a small difficulty over because a diction wasn’t corrected for a films, people started mentioning Jim Dale, who became good famous in a US for voicing a Harry Potter audiobooks.

One fan conspicuous that even a hero’s name has been wrongly oral all these years.

The Dark Lord himself chipped in and posted an aged twitter from 2010, where he attempted – and unsuccessful – to get fans to change a approach they were observant it.

Voldemor’T’s name is clearly a Riddle!