J&K Style Grill Home of a Famous Waffle Burger and Stuffed Chicken Wings

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burgerJK Style Grill is home to a strange Waffle Burger. Owned and operated by Kelvin and LaTonya Dooley, this is a usually griddle in a Hampton Roads area that specializes in this singular burger, along with pressed duck wings and outlandish egg rolls. However, this is not a normal burger joint, JK Style Grill strives to move category behind to a burger with a hold of Southern hospitality.

The thought for a business began in 2012 as a food lorry operation, though as a prophesy continued to expand, a Home of a Waffle Burger landed in a building where Kelvin had some-more autocracy to try his artistic side. In a enterprise to be opposite from a normal burger concept, a Waffle Burger was born. JK Style Grill not usually offers a new turn of category to a strange indication of a burger corner though believes in a southern light of down home patron service. Customers travel in as guest though leave feeling like family. One patron explained a knowledge as follows:

I entered a griddle and was immediately greeted like an aged crony by a owners and employees. JK Style Grill is tiny and unequivocally clean, with a spirit of down home comfort, it put me in a mindset of entrance over to a amiable family member or friend’s home for a visit. The pointer on a outward of a griddle states it is a ‘Home of a Waffle Burger.’ Everything on a menu looked tasty. My sequence arrived in a brief time, hot, crispy with a trace of J K seasoning cloaking a top. Please do yourself a preference and stop into JK Style Grill unequivocally shortly to suffer a poetic dish and revisit with a folks.

burgerAccording to LaTonya, Kelvin is a genuine “foodie” and lerned cook during heart. He spends a lot of time examination a Food Network and several cooking shows so a substructure of his ideas is endless. Once a sold ambience resonates in his mouth an thought is born. Around a house, he is always perplexing to mix food to furnish tastes. When questioned on a thought for a Waffle Burger and pressed duck wings, Kelvin explained it as follows:

The waffle styled burger began as a imagination cooking rib eye beef with arugula lettuce, preserved red onions with an aioli garlic Mayo. Too fancy, I ate a bacon cheeseburger from a place in Arizona and pronounced it would ambience good on my waffle. So we combined my possess special mayo blend, combined grilled onion and a boiled egg and now a all-popular a Waffle Burger was born. The pressed duck judgment grown a few years after while vital in NC. While eating a dish with greens and chicken, a thought was born, and many years after of perplexing to figure it out a routine was innate – pressed a duck wing with a bone still intact.

Not usually does a griddle support to particular customers, they also have catering services to accommodate any distance or budget. The Waffle Burger, Chicken Waffle sandwich, JK Big Deluxe, pressed duck wings and outlandish egg rolls are a few of their categorical equipment that have been a strike for a restaurant.

The Dooleys are veterans who were respected to offer this good nation and have transitioned their adore of use to a community. When asked how JK Style Grill gives behind to a village in their locality a integrate said:

We trust in giving behind to a village in several ways. We have hold a behind to propagandize supply expostulate and given children of all ages. We have also non-stop adult mentoring sessions with immature males to turn idea achievers while in propagandize and as they swell by life. We have also non-stop a doors to other tiny businesses, open speakers, and authors by hosting business launches and book signings to ventilate their products and services.

burgerJK Style Grill has unequivocally blossomed over this past year. The owners know a significance of joining over collecting. Of course, they are in business to make money, however, a primary idea is formulating an mouth-watering atmosphere in that to suffer their product as against to a common in and out particularly business mindset. The mindfulness of this flourishing business has widespread like wildfire by word of mouth, amicable media, and radio. The griddle also gained many new customers, or family members as a Dooleys so lovingly impute to them, by a use of Groupon promotions.

Customers continue to gloat on a food and a owners. The Dooley have mastered a 3 E’s that has done JK Style griddle a many dear and talked about food corner in their locality. They not usually paint a 3 E judgment of engaging, equipping and empowering, though it is imperative that employees know this judgment and make any bid to oversee patron interactions by a following theory:

Engage — Give any patron a personal knowledge by enchanting with them, listening to what they have to contend and enlivening them to be a partial of a ongoing conversation.

Equip — Give them reasons to speak by stability to offer extraordinary and singular food items, good use as good as by pity stories, facts, and even humorous practice that start along a on-going journey.

burgerEmpower — Give consumers opposite ways to foster and share. Encourage them to post cinema and testimonials on amicable media, within their circles and other methods of relocating a review surrounding a griddle around town.

JK Style Grill has done it their goal to move category behind to a burger. It now has one plcae during 6557 College Park Square in Virginia Beach, VA. People can join a review and follow a griddle on Facebook (JK Style Grill) and Instagram (JKStyleGrill).

The prophesy of a owners is centered on providing high-quality use and patron satisfaction; they have committed to do all probable to accommodate patron expectations. With a accumulation of options to select from, such as a famous Waffle Burger, pressed duck wings and, outlandish egg rolls, a Dooleys are assured food lovers will suffer a dining knowledge offering during JK Style Grill.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Interview with Kelvin and LaTonya Dooley
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