Jose Fernandez Leaves Baseball World in Mourning [Video]

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Jose Fernandez left a ball universe in mourning. On Sept. 25, 2016, a pitcher died in a boating accident. He was usually 24 years old, and his ball career was flourishing. Moreover, Fernandez and his girlfriend, Carla Mendoza, were awaiting a baby.

The day of Sep 25 will sojourn in a story of sports as a black day. The proclamation of Fernandez’s genocide saddened ball fans, generally those who support a Miami Marlins.

A Happy Kid Pursuing His Dream

Fernandez was innate on Jul 31, 1992, in Santa Clara, Cuba. He started his ball career being speedy by a father and uncle of a MLB shortstop Aledmys Diaz, who was his childhood crony and neighbor.

The pitcher started his veteran career in 2011 when he sealed with a Marlins. However, he played in the minor joining compartment 2013. Then, according to Baseball Reference, he was a second-youngest actor of a National League season.

He debuted with a Miami Marlins in Apr 2013, opposite a New York Mets, and he done a good impression. For example, usually 6 weeks later, a manager of Tampa Bay Rays, Joe Maddon mentioned that Fernandez looked like a best immature pitcher. Moreover, during a finish of a season, he won a National League Rookie of a Year Award.

The 2014 deteriorate he suffered an damage that kept him away. However, by 2015, he recovered and seemed in a good form. According to The Miami Herald, a ball actor became a initial pitcher to have 17 uninterrupted home wins, given 1900.


At a Top of His Career

His final deteriorate began on Jul 1, 2016. As a outcome of that diversion opposite a Atlanta Braves, he became a second pitcher to furnish a game-winning strike in Marlins’ history. A few days later, Fernandez seemed in a 2016 MLB All-Star Game, not meaningful that it will be a usually Midsummer Classic that he would ever attend.

His final diversion took place on Sep 20. As CBS Miami stated, during a finish of a match, he announced that it was a best diversion he ever pitched. However, Fernandez enjoyed ball during any moment. He worked hard, though he also had fun. As he affirmed, Fernandez was rival while carrying fun.

I contest like crazy. That is usually a chairman we am. we like to have fun. we wish for people to contend he was always carrying fun. we wish people to contend he was a tough worker, that he’s not going to give up. That’s all we can ask. Baseball is my life. It’s usually fun to come out on a margin and to do what your dream is. Sometimes we forget that.

A Heartbreaking Loss

On Sep 25, Fernandez died in boating pile-up and left a ball universe in mourning. However, not usually will a sports multitude skip him though also his family and friends. Besides being one of a best pitchers of a moment, he was a happy chairman and a soon-to-be father.

The Marlins’ pitcher had an implausible tie with his grandmother. He had a tattoo with her name, and one of his biggest dreams was that she would see him pitch.

Moreover, Fernandez announced usually a week before he died that his partner was pregnant. “I’m prepared for where this tour is gonna take us together,” mentioned a ball actor in a summary common on his Instagram account.

Gone Too Soon

Thousands of friends, fans, teammates and managers common lamentation messages on amicable media. One of a many distressing records was a one created by Dee Gordon. The Marlins’ infielder, who deliberate Fernandez his brother, removed some of a smashing moments spent together.

Every group in a MLB respected a memory of Fernandez. The football group Miami Dolphins paid their respects with a impulse of silence. Moreover, on Sep 26, a whole group of a Miami Marlins will wear Fernandez’s number, 16, in their initial diversion but a pitcher.

Fernandez’s genocide occurred on Sep 25, withdrawal a whole sports’ universe in mourning. He was a happy, loving, immature man, and a ball actor with one of a many earnest careers forward of him. However, there is a observant that ideally applies. According to it, unfortunately, “the brightest lights are mostly a ones that extinguish a fastest.”

He is one of a athletes that will always sojourn in a hearts of each sports fan, while his family and friends might never conduct to get over his death.

By Bianca-Ramona Dumitru
Edited by Cathy Milne


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